My Five for a Friday

Five for a Friday

What a week it’s been. I’ve been reminded of why you’re meant to be off regularly throughout the year rather than be left with three weeks at the end (along with two weeks to sell- don’t ask!). The first thing my body decided to do on the realisation on enforced absence was to pack up. Pffft. So, it’s been a quiet week, and my five for a Friday draw a little on last week too.

Christmas crafts

Sunday was Messy Church which saw me helping children turn kitchen roll into angels and snowmen. It seemed to inspire my three, so on Monday we dragged out the Christmas craft box from the office. 

Fortunately we’ve generated fun and gifts. The boys have sewn Santas, snowmen and penguins whilst CM has created paper chains. This meant whilst I was totally lacking in creativity for teachers’ gifts this year there was still a homemade element thanks to the kids.


I’ve been continuing to read. I’m feeling the need to share chronologically. And as this isn’t entirely working- I’m going to share an author. Because. Just ‘wow’. It’s been so long since I couldn’t put down a book. But Conversations with Friends was it. Read over two days whilst working away. I couldn’t confess that my tired eyes were due to my stubborn desire to finish a book.

I’ve picked up Normal People on the back of this, and loved it. Maybe not as much, but I’m so glad to have fallen hook, line and sinker again.

Slogan jumpers

I’ve spent this week in my Joanie Clothing Annual Leave jumper. Because I can. And thanks to Black Friday I’ve stocked up on a few more slogan jumpers (and I’ve a suspicion [because I’ve ordered them for him] Mr J has a few for me for Christmas). There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing I’m not at work because I’ve thrown a jumper on.

Slogan jumpers

I also discovered Smith & Webb on Instagram, and loved their ethos of supporting mental health and anti-bullying charities. And yes, there’s a theme, I was so grateful to get one of their sweatshirts in the Black Friday sale. Especially because it’s green- Tom’s favourite colour. I’ve been wearing it a fair bit. 

I wore it to our appointment with a consultant about Tom’s ADHD. Definitely not in my favourite moments of the week. I might need to invest in ‘Hope’ for the next appointment. My bitter moment for the week, it seems the education system needs to sort out my son. I love the lack of empathy across the cuts to all our public services. Deep breath, and onto the joy of education…

Carols on the Yard

The school did things a little differently this year, which meant instead of a Christmas production it was a more relaxed approach with carols on the yard. Whilst there wasn’t the showcasing for each year group, I was incredibly grateful that this had been saved to the last week of term.

I have horrible memories of complete parent guilt of working away whilst the children have had their shows in years past. And whilst I’m sure there were many parents who couldn’t be there this year, I loved watching the boys sing their hearts out. CM, on the other hand, seemed to be having her own concert with her mates somewhere near the back. 


My latest addiction at work is wearing jumpsuits. Having lost some of my excess weight, I seem to have found my way out of chiffon tunics and tulip dresses. It’s not to say you still won’t find me in them, I still love them. But I’ve also discovered jumpsuits and I think they’re flattering, and at least they add a bit of variety to my wardrobe.

Oh, and yes, there’s a theme. Wide legs. All the better to wear with DMs (or heels, if you’re not me). These were my first three- ASOS (Missguided), Matalan (FWM) and Closet. 

Whilst I’ve managed to build up their own section in my wardrobe, I’ve also discovered, like tulip dresses, Closet has a fantastic selection. Again, Black Friday meant they had a massive range at £20, and considering they’re now all back at the £80 tag, I’m feeling really happy!

And I’m guessing with the Christmas break now in place for all of us, my five for the week will revolve around my favourite four!

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    ryan schmidt
    January 16, 2019 at 17:14

    why not go skating or rollerskating with friends or family?

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