My favourite photo moments of 2018

My favourite photo moments of 2018

Having written about my favourite theatre and books of the year, I thought I’d follow up with my favourite photo moments of 2018. Albeit this was meant to be favourite moments.

As I looked thought back on my favourite moments, I realised that most don’t have photographic evidence. Because sometimes you don’t have or need a camera to hand.

What’s not to love about the laughter, the contagious laughter of your children? What doesn’t say that your children love you when they’ll wake when you kiss them goodbye in the morning, staying awake to wave you off at 6am? When all they want to do is endlessly play board games, so you end up recommending them as gift opportunities, despite knowing there’s a 50:50 chance the pleading to play will end up in tears.

Why would a camera be to hand when you finally catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for an age, but the best place which seems to be open on a Sunday evening is the local Brewers Fayre (not exactly showing off the best of South Wales!).

There have been evenings out just getting to appreciate friendship. A learning this year is that, whilst I knowingly compartmentalise my life, I’ve realised I do it by what I drink when I’m with them. And I’ve appreciated, although I don’t have many friends, I couldn’t be without the ones I have in my life. And am thankful for the plans I already have for 2019.

So this post is more about the photo moments, the moments where a camera did play a part.

Unlike my previous top 10’s, this list is in chronological order. Because no-one likes to hear of preferred children, or even worse, that moments without the children … well, enough said. Let’s start with January.

Tom and Seb turn 7, with a Nerf War

It turned out that whilst every 6 year-old may dream of their birthday party involving a Nerf war, some of the parents seemed to enjoy this party more than their children.

I may have worried how a party with no hired entertainment could last the invited two hours. But I needn’t have lost sleep. Of all the parties we’ve hosted, I think this was the one most appreciated by those invited.

Happy Birthday Cake

Bristol Aquarium with Barnardo’s Cymru

Planning, Bristol and Nothing But Thieves

I’ve learned too much this year about ADHD. I am forever grateful of the referral to Barnardo’s, of the support offered. Of this day out with other ADHD families, to We Are The Curious and Bristol Aquarium. I am grateful for the support which we’ve had this year, and of the memories of the day with my three.

Snow on your 9th birthday AND a Horrible Histories Birthday Party

Now you are nine

We won’t speak of your daddy’s abilities to navigate through Cardiff, he isn’t a native. We’ll simply appreciate that a ninth birthday is celebrated. A Horrible Histories birthday at the Sherman Theatre. Making up for all the sins of me taking your brothers to see this in London. Sssssh.

But, if I couldn’t anticipate what would be on sale for Kids Week, I definitely couldn’t have predicted the weather for your ninth birthday.

You may have enjoyed a white Christmas when you came into the world but even I would have been an optimist to predict a white March birthday.

A family including ADHD

Family fun at a family-friendly festival

Our first camping family festival saw every type of resistance from my husband (who’s preferred accommodation is a tent). Our second visit saw an insatiable optimism (demonstrated by hours trapped on the M6).

And yes, for the second time, we had the most fantastic time at Geronimo.

And this, this, was a favourite family moment. A moment of us.

A summer holiday to London

Family time at SEA LIFE London

Having learned from missing out last year, this year I got to take all three of my charges to London. As always learning so much.

And there were the great moments. Picnics on the bed, SEA LIFE London, a trip to the office (who’d’ve thought) and of course- the School of Rock.

School of Rock the Musical

I’m quite scared to think how I’ll better this in 2019.

My first Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Reviewing at the Edinburgh Fringe

So, a week away from home for Seren was probably too much, but just wow! Again, as much as I learned, I loved our first Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I don’t think it will become a regular family fixture, but would happily have it as mine.

Turning 40

This was the year to celebrate a few 40’s. I was lucky to have celebrations with family and friends.

Highlights including horizontal rain at a beach hut on Barry Island and, with minutes to spare, breaking out of a comically tense experience (I still can’t decide whether the glass of wine in advance was a help or hindrance).

On turning forty at Barry Island

Tod and Logan

A completely bittersweet one to write, but two puppies really have brought love to our lives.

It’s not the same.

It’s completely different.

There is much amusement to having two puppies in our home. Frustration, yes. Happiness- Yes.


Our first family holiday, abroad

I’m not sure why going on a plane ride somewhere is completely different.

It’s probably got so much to do with vitamin D.

For resetting so much in me.

We needed this.


And before we knew it, it was Christmas. I think I’ll start by being grateful my body took the week before off. I’ll be grateful that the children received what they hoped for on their Christmas lists.


And I’ll hope that we get a few more moments before we go back to school and work.

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