My best friend’s wedding

My best friend's wedding

Today is the day of one of my best friend’s wedding.

I’d love to say it’s been a long time in the making.

But when something’s right, it’s just right.

My favourite phrase: “Life has a habit of working itself out.”

I first met my friend when she taught me at college, of Justice and Peace.
So it seems fitting that in the week following her marriage I have my democracy and politics deadline.
She taught me well.

Life has a habit of working itself out.

Back then I’d never have thought she’d invite me to her wedding.
She seemed so much older than me, so much more in control of her life.
Oh, how two years can make such a difference when you’re 16.

It seems like for forever she has been integral to my life.
Seeing me through the toughest times.
Celebrating the best.

Always there, at the end of the phone.
Always there, for a coffee and a chat.

And now, two years older than me, I feel like she’s growing up too much again.
She’s going to get married. To someone she loves.

And I feel like a small child saying ‘Yuck! Don’t do it. Boys are made of snails.’ because what I mean is “You will still be around when you’re married. Won’t you?”Me and the BridePhoto: Nicola Allen

I rely on my best friend.
I rely on her to sound me out.

She listens.
Offers advice.
And has an ability to never judge.

Because she doesn’t.

She has always taken me at face value.

I will say things.
And I expect judgement.
And she’ll just talk, about the reality of life.

Today my friend takes the step into marriage.

Could I offer any advice?

Hell no.

My friend has lived.
She has lived with her husband-to-be.

She can be independently savvy.
And she can be dependent.

She can be a leader.
And she can offer tremendous support.

So what does today mean?

Today means we get to celebrate love.

We get to look towards the future with so much optimism.

To join in the celebrations with the most optimistic of couples.

We get to share their humour, their serious, their love.

For one day only.

And after today, we’ll just get the momentary glimpses that we are lucky enough to see.

After today, life will get in the way.
With a hope that there will be nights out, days in the sun, 
Coffee and cocktails on tap.
Accompanied by a good slug of laughter and cwtches.
As only the Welsh can.

Today I suspect I will cry.

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    Tracy Nixon
    April 21, 2017 at 09:39

    Awwww love the photos -it is lovely to have one special friend, who you know you can rely on! Where was the second photo taken (with the island in the background). It looks a lovely place to visit?

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