Merry Christmas – I hope you have a wonderful 2016!

So, first and foremost, I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas!

And, depending on when I publish this, and you read it, I hope you saw the New Year in with good spirits, and 2016 has started well.

Secondly, an apology, my blog hasn’t been what I’ve wanted it to be of late, I’ve been doing the minimal to keep it going, whilst every bit of technology I own has had other plans. I’m not sure what happened first, I think my laptop crashed and went to be repaired. Then my phone crashed, and needed to be replaced. Then my work laptop which I was using as a bit of a stop-gap died. Then my laptop needed to go back as it wasn’t fixed properly.
I finally got back on my feet on Christmas Eve, and then after the Christmas festivities we ran away to Todmorden and found ourselves in a cottage with no mobile data coverage- let alone wi-fi.

And so, my blog has taken the brunt.

But, in a positive light, it’s allowed me to make some resolutions, to assess what I love most about blogging, and what I need to reconsider.An Organised MessIt’s been a year since I launched this blog for that purpose, to stop tying myself up in the knots my old blog had me in from time to time.
And I’ve loved this new me. I’ve loved being more simplified, more me. But there have been times I’ve swayed, because stats are a lovely thing to be swayed by.

2016, my hope is to stay on the clean blogging path. To do the things which mean most to me.

I hope to get to the theatre as much as I can, with finite time left travelling to London with work I’d like to carry on making the most of it- and I hope a trip to the National to see Iphigenia in Splott is in this future, and I would love to see a fantastic production from Cardiff on the stage of another capital city.

I’d like to get back to baking, attempting to lose weight has taken me out of the kitchen, but all those delicious treats I buy as pick me ups , I’d like to start recreating, I’ve realised the common element is fruit so I figure it’s not entirely unhealthy.

And I want to get better at vlogging. I’ve loved starting this way of recording our lives. I think partly because I’m lazy and I can talk forever. But also, not so selfishly, because I love watching my children. I’ve always said one of the best parts of taking the children to the theatre is watching them mesmerised. Vlogging is letting me capture all of their emotions and I absolutely love their enjoyment as part of this.

Here’s a little of our Christmas for good measure:

So, waffle over, if you’ve wondered on the lack of content of late, I do hope you’ll bear with me. 2016, it’s going to be a good year!

And, P.S. if posts which follow look out-of-place, please forgive me, I’m catching up with all the content I’ve had on my laptop but not been able to publish.                                                     

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