Little Mix, London and Half Term #LittleLoves

Wow. It’s been quite a week. I can’t believe how much we’ve packed in, although I’ve got a list of things we haven’t managed to do as a result. Oh well, there’s always next week.

I’m finally getting around to writing this on Saturday evening- I’m far too far behind. I can hear three girls upstairs making their own entertainment, and I’m hoping sleep will come to them soon.

There’s so many lovely things to write about this week, that I think I might just have to write a post about half term. For now, here are the week’s Little Loves.


After a few weeks of not picking up the book I was reading, I decided to pick up something new. I caught the middle of an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale and whilst it made no sense it intrigued me. So I’ve started on the book, in the hope it will provide a welcome distraction from the assignments I have to get under my belt next week.


I couldn’t decide whether something was ‘watched’ or ‘listen’ but over the past two days I’ve binged watched BBC1’s Gunpowder so the decision sorted itself. 

I must admit to having not held history in an entirely linear regard and suddenly watching this brought so much together. It was such a convincing series with some great actors, some scenes did have me looking away, but it brought home the many complexities of our history.

As a result, I’m a little tempted to re-immerse myself in Philippa Gregory’s books. I think this might need to wait until my next summer break.BBC1 Gunpowder


So, I didn’t want to like it. I didn’t think I would. But. Little Mix.

We bought Little Mix tickets for CM’s 8th birthday. To the response: “I don’t like Little Mix any more, I prefer Ed Sheeran.” I felt better about her taste in music, not so much about the expense of the tickets.

As the date got closer she was so excited. We made an occasion of it with an afternoon in Cardiff. I really enjoyed spending time with her with no expectation of the concert.Little MixIt was fantastic. Whilst there’s a lot that isn’t particularly appropriate for an 8 yo (namely I don’t want to think of CM singing some of the lyrics or asking for similar outfits), this was such an experience for any 8yo. 

When everything is weighed up, it was so much fun. There was so much positivity, especially of messaging around mental health, sexuality and confidence. Turns out I actually know more Little Mix songs than I gave myself credit for- go me!


I haven’t had chance to make anything this week (unless unsuccessfully trying to incorporate a load of vegetables into this evening’s meatball dish counts).

So, just because the girls are now here, here’s a ‘flashback’ to our sleepover invite.Homemade Sleepover Party Invites


As a badly planned half-term goes, we managed to turn ours around. I had originally booked half-term off work. A ‘thing’ at work meant everything had to be rescheduled, which meant an important meeting took place this week. I was really indecisive but all’s well that ends well, and CM came to work with me.

We didn’t really do anything over the two days as CM just seemed to be happy to visit the place I work. Both of us acknowledged the train journey is far too long, but she wasn’t overly impressed with my suggestion that she didn’t need to come again. It turns out she had a fab time with ‘her new friends’ whilst I was immersed in work. I hadn’t thought through the consequences of colleagues meeting my child…

We did take advantage of it being half-term and splashed out in Boots on make-up and hair colour spray as a ‘night-in’ activity. Blue hairIt seems my daughter does colour.

Coincidentally, I dyed my hair the same colours when I got the job with the organisation, too many years ago.


I had the whole of today to myself. Which has been so odd.

CM and I getting back from London saw Mr J and the boys shoot off to Tenby for their adventure. I was so disappointed not to join them, but CM was determined a trip to Bristol with the Cubs and the promised sleepover was more important.

It’s been odd. My home is now tidy. I’ve been trying to catch up on lots of blog stuff as I’m so far behind. And I watched Gunpowder. Which now means I’m so far behind on my uni work, there can be no excuses. If I’m not here next week, you’ll know why!  

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  • Reply
    Sarah Christie
    November 6, 2017 at 21:22

    I need to watch gunpowder but saw a clip on goggle box and am scared to watch it now! I will need to be brave but I hate gore ! I love little mix they are fab I bet that was such a great concert and your sleepover invites are blooming amazing x

    • Reply
      November 7, 2017 at 14:36

      I did have to turn away at times (especially in the final episode) but the gore is just a small part of the series – I promise it’s worth it. x

  • Reply
    November 9, 2017 at 17:17

    Oh you’ve reminded me that I need to catch up on Gunpowder!
    Loving those sleepover invites. So creative! xx

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