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Life update

I hope you’ll allow me a quick post. Every morning I’m conscious that I haven’t been blogging. It’s got to the point that I think about stopping. I wonder how, with my children getting older, that I seem to have less time for blogging than more. I haven’t blogged about it, but I’m on a stay of execution at uni (not the proper title), so I’ve been blogging less even though I’m not studying. I’m rubbish with no reason. So yes, as a tide-me-over, a little life update.

The truth is, it’s all good.

I applied for an ‘interruption of study’ a few months ago because personal and work life were compromising my focus. And whilst I was going to apply for an interruption until September, on a whim I went with January. 

I’m so glad I did.

Nothing is going to plan. My work project which was meant to start in April has only half started. But even half started means my life looks like this:New work projectI can’t believe how exhausted I’ve felt. 

And that’s been in addition to the unknown… whether living in England should be a part of our future.


Speaking of the future. Of course, the children are on form.

I’ve had massive guilt. I don’t know if it’s because Mr J’s now working, but when I’m away life seems to tick on even more smoothly. I feel at times like my parenting isn’t needed. Mr J misses the kids when he’s working as much as I do. And we’re left competing for the school runs, pretending we’re helping the other out, secretly just needing those hugs.

We’re finding our rhythm again. We now have passports. How ridiculously exciting. Although, typically why? Why would you go away when the weather is this good?PassportsI think we’re going to go away in the autumn half-term, a joint celebration of ‘big’ birthdays. And hopefully at a time when we want to escape the UK.

And in the meanwhile there’s been so many smiles. Class assemblies, high school transition days, sports days, school fetes. Of course, they’re happy.Family timeSo, whilst my posts haven’t been flowing, life has been hurtling forward. 

Fortunately, I’ve managed some “me” time.

I had the absolute irony, after giving up on the possibility of booking a spa day I booked a back massage locally on the day my project should have gone live. Needless to say, it didn’t go live. So great humour resulted. And yes, the work of the back massage has been quickly undone.

I’ve had the chance to catch up with friends. Although, of course, not enough.

And I have managed to enjoy so much theatre over quite a stressful period, thanks to the Festival of Voice. So much which wouldn’t have been an immediate draw. Loving experiences which will stay with me.Festival of VoicesAnd there’s lots more on the horizon.

At so much my whole project will go live. I’m sure.

Plans have been made with friends.

The summer holidays are imminent. Hopefully including a trip to London, braving all three in the hope that the happy will prevail.

And then, there’s the Edinburgh Fringe Festival- my bucket list.Network of Independent CriticsCM and I will be spending a whole week in Edinburgh with the Network of Independent Critics.

I am looking forward to this on so many levels. 

Achievements as a result of this blog.

Spending so much time enjoying theatre.

A whole week just me and my daughter.


I had so many hopes and dreams on my 30th birthday, 12 weeks pregnant with my first child.

There is so little about today which could have been anticipated.

But even so, how could this life not be one to embrace?

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