Life Right Now: March

Life Right Now_ March

If ever a month felt like a roller-coaster ride, March would be it. I think every emotion was experienced, from a family and a work perspective. Going into April I’m hoping the decisions we’re making will help see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that we continue to enjoy the moments which matter.

It’s hard to believe the month started in West Wales. Already it feels so long ago. There are times when I wonder how many holidays are too many. With Mr J as the bargain hunter and a complete lover of all you can do outdoors for free. It always seems his holidays are the same cost as what I spend on excursions at home. And as I’m already at the stage where I’m trying to cope with us not going away for Easter, I have to admit getting away and appreciating our time is never a bad thing.

So what of March?

March saw Seren turn 10. Oh my! I managed to write more than a couple of blog posts because it was so good to be able to plan a birthday party to help her celebrate her day.

Six for a Sunday

Seren’s actually birthday saw her being sent home from school ill. Is there anything worse than being ill on your birthday? She spent the whole week off which is so unlike her- this is the girl who prefers to go to school ill and be sent home if necessary.

And, of course, the rest of us would drop like flies. Confirming we all need to be quite a bit healthier to fight the germs.

March was also the month of two school assemblies. School assemblies tend to be a fly-by of everything which has been learned in the school year to that point. Seren took on the role of a Victorian workhouse child and Seb was a Celtic warrior.

Victorian school assembly
Celtic warrior

I am more than a bit gutted that Tom’s school assembly has been cancelled as changes to the curriculum bed-in, but I’ve just caught up with local news that some schools are moving to a 4.5 day week. Perspective.

Parents’ evening was also a feature of the month. I’ve realised the timing of these events is all wrong. You meet with the teacher at the beginning of the year as an introduction and then in March. And it feels neither give the chance to effect anything.

I keep promising I’ll write a post about Tom’s progress. But needless to say, Parents’ evening made me feel like his school year’s been thrown away whilst we wait to find out how best to support him. And yes, it’s still about perspective. But in this case, he’s my son.

From a work perspective, well, where to start! I have kept to my plan of averaging two days away. And I even had the most unnerving week where I stayed home after a few meetings were co-incidentally postponed. My usual Friday catch-ups with my teams were dealing with their initial shock that this could be true.

Collective consultation is underway. Despite my initial decision to not respond, having made a decision to leave, I participated. My instinct was that I didn’t need extra stress, and having to work up a counter-proposal would need time and focus. After a few nights of insomnia getting cross that the proposal presented takes us from functional to dysfunctional, I wrote a response. And it felt better. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a part of it or not, there’s still a job to be done, and it needs to stand some hope of being possible.

I can’t finish my summary of March without something which happened in the last few days. That a wonderful friend made sure the month ended well by sending me a thoughtful gift. There is such an immense feeling created in the wonder and surprise of an act of kindness. March ended on a high and April began with an inspiring sense of optimism.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    April 7, 2019 at 08:41

    What a month! Such a rollercoaster of emotions for you. So pleased that Seren had a wonderful birthday, you organised an amazing tea party for her.

    Can’t wait for May to have a proper catch tx

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