Life Right Now – February

Life right now - February

Ok, so I only managed to write two posts between this and my last Life Right Now monthly update, but February is a short month…

So short, I was on Skype talking about deadlines and laughing at the spreadsheet being shared “yes, but that says ‘-10 days’ until March, so that’s wrong” I said confidently, and then the reality dawned. I’m not sure I’m ready for March.

For starters, CM achieves double digits. And then there’s everything- the Eisteddfod, World Book Day, Mother’s Day, CM’s birthday and then the snowball effect into Easter.

Without dwelling too much on March (I already am), the snowball effect is an odd analogy. There was so much snow last March (both for St David’s Day and CM’s birthday), and yet February this year- just wow!

Despite the shortness of the month, February has been jam packed. The children have had their usual ‘everything’ going on, but February also included a cub sleepover- all three away- it was very odd. So much so we picked them up and did trampolining and a supermarket shop by noon just to regain our reality.

Life Right Now - Llangrannog

As promised, work isn’t great (but it is, but it isn’t, but it is). I think, as of today, some of my team, including me, are in collective consultation (compared to other members of my team who are in individual consultation). I haven’t got a clue what we’re being collectively consulted on despite letters and presentations explaining. So much energy seems to be going into getting clarity, what can I contribute to the process which is meaningful? And this is going on whilst work itself is accelerating in pace and breadth, and is so exciting in terms of what is possible. So, I finish most days with a general sense of exhaustion.

I have managed to keep up with reading, escaping. I’m so reliant on recommendations from friends at the moment as I’ve exhausted the favourites I keep seeing in my timeline. March, I’m hoping will see me finish ‘The Guilty Feminist’ and ‘Becoming’.

I’ve also discovered Gousto, which is something I’m loving to make me finish work on time. It’s a little hit or miss where the children are concerned, but I’m loving what I can create. And at least two or the five of us are enjoying the meals.

Like January, I got to the theatre the whole of once. Something I have to improve upon. Fortunately, like January, I’m still only averaging two days a week in London. So some things are going well.

Life right now - Aberaeron

And of course, we ended the month on a high. Following the announcement at work we decided it made sense to escape for half-term. So we’re in Llandysul, staying at the most gorgeous converted barn- all my hopes from my teenage years have been realised. I could stay here forever.

The weather means I didn’t need the books, board games and wellies I packed. Insisting the boys limit the number of shorts packed was completely pessimistic. We’ve explored harbours and beaches, and I think I’ve had my fill of fish and chips until at least April.

So, now to March, and all the excitement it has in store.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    February 28, 2019 at 22:10

    I’m sure someone stole at least a week of February. I’m not ready for March either

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