Life Lately #3

I’m writing this as a complete cop-out, life keeps getting in the way of my cherished space.Life LatelyNot only have I been a little unmotivated of late but I’m hiding behind the excuse I’m without my laptop for a lack of posts. And am hoping writing this will reinvigorate me.

Everything which could support my lack of motivation is. 

I did have a small moment of being reunited with the thing that holds all my secrets, but then it turned out the repair shop had fixed the cosmetic appearance of my laptop but not the actual fault. My laptop has been back with them for the past two weeks and seems to have fallen into a customer service black hole.

In the interim I had been using my work laptop, but then it had the melt down of all previous melt downs, and went to laptop heaven. Trying to find my replacement laptop in Bridgend after getting to bed at 5am in London was a sight to behold. Trying to explain to the IS team that I’d really appreciate them backing up my personal files (me trying to do some vlogs) seems to have fallen on deaf ears (fortunately). And now my new laptop seems to have a minimum data capacity.

And of course, in a host of technology fails, my phone also packed in. And whilst I have been lucky enough to get an upgraded phone, I am getting to terms with it, and coping with what I have lost.

So here I am, seemingly I have written a lot on my blog, but as always it feels like so little.

Life is bolting on at a zillion miles per hour, I am struggling to hold on, and the reins are definitely out of my grasp, it is enough to stay upright.

I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever been this unprepared for Christmas, to the extent we’ve decided not to have a birthday party for the boys this year- to be honest, the idea of them having a trip to Toys ‘r’ Us has more than pacified this- and will probably cost considerably less.

I am formally on three months notice. Or should that be 12 weeks, and I can be Sandra Bullock. Probably not.

In work everything is a poorly planned priority. I am feeling so much more confident about life beyond my employment. However life in employment continues to be stressful. The organisation intended to make 20 odd people redundant, and has ended the consultation period with almost 60 people leaving- out of choice in some cases, and not being selected for jobs in others. It makes for an interesting time when I had thought I’d spend three months surplus to requirements, to find we’ll be working on far less resource than anticipated.

Life outside of work and technology has been great.

The build up to Christmas is always exciting for little people, and there’s also been a little bit of Christmas magic for us.

All three have been in a wonderful Christmas performance as part of a class they started in September. I still can’t believe how proud I am, how in awe I am of them, for performing at a theatre in front of so many people.

Then we had their school Christmas shows- so much excitement as CM gets to be in the whole school performances- this year it was Grease- and woe-betide the mum who suggests she won’t be home from London in time to see a performance. And then the boys were in their Reception class Nativity, one as Joseph the other as a Shepherd- just a little bit of a proud mum I promise!

Mr J has been in hospital this week for surgery on his hand, a repeat of what he had done just over two years ago. It has been a blessing as he only had a week’s notice, so no time for nerves to kick in. And it seems a little more straightforward this time around- he had to be in at 7.30 in the morning, and before lunch I was able to pick him up, I’m sure last time I spent the best part of a day in Starbucks waiting for him. He’s not meant to do too much for a fortnight so it couldn’t have come at better timing over the Christmas break.

And in a fit of positivity, Father Christmas brought me an early present, a new (to us) car.  All those vlogs which haven’t made their way anywhere have mentioned us trying to cope with one car after I seemingly accidentally sold mine in August. I need a car for work, although I don’t use a car for work. And the reality has been the only time having one car  causes conflict is on the weekend and evenings. 

Mr J has been doing a whole heap of research and has bought a car, we’re hoping for a decent price, so when I do find new employment, the resale will not leave us out of pocket- given we have no idea what kind of mileage I’ll be doing in this new (much sought after) job.

So, I’m now learning to drive an automatic. I keep slamming the brakes down when in my head I’m pressing the clutch to change down gears to a gradual stop. Loosing my left foot seems a realistic option to avoid a crash.

So, I have seven days to get Christmas under control, two and a half days to get on top of my to-do list at work…. and then…
A holiday.

Or home from home.

And hopefully 2016 will see everything sorted, and a more consistent approach to blogging…. and vlogging.

Fingers crossed!


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