Hallways, a Milestone and Adventures #LittleLoves

Hallways, a Milestone and Adventures

Another week of the summer holidays, another week closer to my annual leave, but what a week it’s been. There’s been so much excitement from the little people that it’s flown by. So much so, as I sat in a meeting in London yesterday, people tried to convince me it was going to be Friday today, and I really thought they were having me on. They weren’t. Sleep deprivation got the better of me.


I want to say ‘absolutely nothing’. This week I’ve been whiling away my spare time on Pinterest trying to make decisions on bits and pieces for the home. I’ve been reading lovely blogs featuring gorgeous interiors. My favourites can be found on The Ordinary Lovely and whilst Morgana’s having a summer break from #LittleLoves, I’m loving seeing her new home come together


This week it’s been all about two little boys who have learned to ride without stabilizers. I can’t tell you about how much I held back on any expectations. E particularly struggles with spatial awareness and co-ordination, as well as general clumsiness, so I really didn’t want to put any pressure on him.

Which of course with my children means ‘challenge accepted’. Over the weekend both boys perfected two wheels, which means at every opportunity they want to head out on bike rides. 

Mr J and I are thanking our lucky stars. Not only is it free, but they are begging us to go, it really has made the week fly by. And of course, I am such a proud mummy.Bike riding


I’ve gone with a recommendation from Mr J this week to get me away from Spotify’s Daily Mixes (which I love). Lorde is definitely more to his taste than mine, which means I’m not as distracted listening to it as I work. Lorde - Melodrama


I’ve spent this week painting the hall, and I’m loving how it looks now. I’m not sure if I mentioned that Mr J sorted new carpet for the hall, stairs and landing. Of course I was grateful. Of course I would have like to have painted the walls and skirting first. But hey. The house is coming together. We’ve even ordered a new front door… and I may have found a fab mat which is embossed with “Shut the Front Door”… so tempting.

So, I’ve either been painting, or planning new pieces to match the colour scheme. I’m starting to get a bit worried about how much grey is taking over. Which means working on CM’s room and the lounge next will have to have a colour injection.


As it’s the summer holidays, we’ve embraced the children’s love of tattoos. And they are absolutely hysterical. Having a brother who they adore who’s a tattooist and covered in tattoos means there are repeated calls to take photographs and send them to Uncle Chris.TattoosAnd yes, Mr J and I are currently trying to decide on new tattoos. I think his may be a bit more of an art-piece than mine.

And lastly,

Today I waved CM (and Mr J) of on their summer adventure. With the boys on a sleepover at my parents I had a day working from home alone which felt so strange.AdventuresReunited this evening, the boys have agreed a plan of adventures to keep us going until Mr J and CM return. It involves lots of outings with their bikes, and hopefully my sanity staying in check.

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