Getting active with XLS-Nutrition

Getting active with XLS-Nutrition

At the end of week five of the XLS-Nutrition Boost Buddies programme, I probably have to reiterate a truth. I’ve never been on a weight-loss programme or a proper diet before. As a result, I really don’t have a clue what I’m up to. So much so, when I bought a new set of scales a few weeks before the programme started (we blame the kids for sending our previous set cuckoo), I couldn’t figure out how to change it from kilogrammes to my favourite stones and pounds.

A couple of weeks into the programme I figured it out. And so now I need to confess that over the course of the initial four weeks I actually lost 2lbs. Ok, so it’s still not great. But as my previous posts have covered my ups and downs, and actually throughout it all, I’m feeling better in myself, it’s ok.

It’s also ok that because in my fifth week I’ve lost a further 2lbs. And yes, I do feel like this is testimony to understanding how weight loss programmes work. I haven’t had the wobbles of previous weeks. My body’s adjusted to having the right amount of calories for the average women, and then less to achieve weight-loss. In doing so I’m getting to understand how keeping active can make me feel better.Getting active with XLS-Nutrition and FitbitPrior to a weight-loss programme I took temporary ownership of Mr J’s Fitbit. After a couple of weeks I didn’t see the point. It told me what I already knew. I don’t do enough steps, I don’t sleep enough, and I do climb enough stairs.

This time it is different. I decided to set myself realistic goals. I know that someone somewhere recommends I do 10,000 steps a day, but I don’t. So I set myself a target of 5,000 a day. And it’s working for me.

I now understand that on days a work from home I’m nowhere near any target. So I’ve been making the effort to walk around the block whilst the kids scoot. I know that when I’m away I can work further, but preferably not in the DM’s which have given me the best blisters. So I have a fab pair of lightweight Vans.XLS -Nutrition, Blisters and FitbitAnd I’m learning about the exercise which works for me. Walking that little bit faster. Running to keep up with the kids scooters. Not using the blisters from my DM’s as an excuse, paying attention to the advert which tells me you can still go running with blisters if you use Compeed. I’m a sucker for a convincing advert.

I’m learning that it’s more important to set realistic, sustainable goals than the ones which might lead me to a yo-yo relationship with food and exercise.

My relationship with food is changing with XLS-Nutrition shakes. I no longer snack between breakfast and lunch. And between lunch and dinner I just have a small snack around 4. I am a little wary about whether this will be sustained when the XLS-Nutrition shakes stop, about how I’ll create a meal which will sustain me.

But I am appreciating breakfast. The meal I’d always skip. And actually, if you do it well – at 250 calories- you shouldn’t need to snack. And no doubt me skipping breakfast and eating snacks later on was probably double that.

I’m learning that preparing for the day helps. When I’m working from home I make sure I have a large glass of water, a large glass of squash and a big mug of tea to last me the hours of conference calls. And this really does seem to balance the hunger pangs I’ve had in the past. Getting active with XLS-Nutrition 2And, as always, I’ve learned that good music can get you through most things. And the weather. At the moment the wind isn’t brutal and the rain is lashing down. So it makes it ok to get out and about.

At the foremost of my thought is how I maintain this. My thoughts on exercise need to be honed. I’ve realised I like to think exercise has a point, and I’m not sure that without enjoyment this can be true. So whilst I enjoy walking with the kids, and I enjoy running as far as I can (which isn’t far enough), I need something to keep this going.

This week has seen me with my wedding band back on my ring finger. It has seen me wear a favourite summer dress I bought last summer, and think it looks a bit big. I have realised since last summer I have now lost a stone. 

And this week has seen me and him realise that going away on a plane for my fortieth is a reality. 

So this week has seen me realise that I really do want to keep off whatever weight I lose. 

Here goes!

Disclosure: I am participating in the XLS-Nutrition Boost Buddies programme. All views and opinions contained are my own.

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