Forty before 40 -the 365 countdown

Forty before 40

I’ve never done the whole bucket list thing, but there’s something about turning 40 which I’m hoping will be pretty special. Other milestone birthdays have had so much else going on. But I’m hoping that with everything coming together a bucket list full of the big and little things might be possible, albeit on a short timeline, this is my plan for the next year- my forty before 40.

One. Take a shopping trip to Bath. I’d love to just absorb Bath. Probably with my camera. Child free.

Two. A spa day. The theme of escapism continues. But the difference a day can make. To my mood. To my back if it comes with one of those fantastic back massages where you can feel the knots being pushed out. Bliss.

Three. A weekend in Tenby. One of my favourite places in the world. 

Four. Peonies in the office. I seem to be so absorbed in late Spring I notice peonies when it’s too late. But my office would be a better place with peonies in I’m sure.

Five. Lavender growing in the front garden. I love everything about lavender (because I love to sleep). I would love to look out of the office to see lavender, and to finally have something pretty growing.

Six. A trip on a plane with the boys. Living so close to the airport only increases the boys obsession. I would love to see their reaction to flying.

Seven. The Edinburgh Fringe. Ok, might not be as realistic. But I would love to visit and feel what looks like an amazing atmosphere. A day absorbed in a theatre couldn’t be a bad thing.

Eight. Hire a beach hut at Barry Island. Because why wouldn’t you?Beach huts at Barry IslandNine. A trip to Brighton. I’m not sure why I’ve never been to Brighton, but I think I definitely should.

Ten. Glamping. Or a Yurt. Any version of camping with a comfy bed. 

Eleven. Finish my office. I desperately need to become a completer finisher. My room makeovers are turning into things which just need a couple of things to make them complete. I know my office will be fantastic…

Twelve. Getting to the theatre one a month for twelve months. I’m sure I do achieve this on aggregate. But I’d like to know I’m escaping at least once each month.

Thirteen. Pass my second year at uni.

Fourteen. And that will be on the basis I’ve passed my first year at uni.

Fifteen. Make a Sunday dinner. Including Yorkshire puddings and rice pudding. Solo.

Sixteen. Have fresh flowers in the home once a month, at least.Photo by Brigitte Tohm on UnsplashSeventeen. Read a fiction book each month. 

Eighteen. Start some form of exercise. Any form of exercise. I’m sure I’ll feel better once I do.

Nineteen. Talk sweetly to my brother and have a new tattoo.

Twenty. Well I’m at it, have my ear re-pierced.

Twenty-one. And well that’s being sorted, have a daith piercing.

Twenty-two. Invest in passports for the family. And slowly get over the cost.

Twenty-three. Create a photo wall in the hallway.

Twenty-four. Take photos of my three children together each month. Photos in manual, which get better each month.My beautiful threeTwenty-five. A new kitchen. Please Mr J.

Twenty-six. A holiday on Anglesey. I’m cheating with this one as I know we’re going. It was a favourite place for Mr J and me, and I can’t wait to rediscover it with B, E and CM.

Twenty-seven. Afternoon tea at the Ritz. I’ve no idea why. I just thing it should be done.

Twenty-eight. Start future proofing my blog. I’ve been meaning to start taking my content more seriously forever, I really should start.

Twenty-nine. Go camping at the Gower. To rediscover the campsite which was a short walk to a beautiful beach.

Thirty. Join ‘Me & Mine’ and have a whole year of family photos.

Thirty-one. Create CM’s rainbow themed room.

Thirty-two. Create the best 7th birthday party/ies for B & E.

Thirty-three. And an even better one for CM’s 9th.

Thirty-four. Go ice-skating at Winter Wonderland.

Thirty-five. Improve my photo editing. Ahem. Learn how to edit photos.

Thirty-six. Decorate the lounge- the wallpaper on one of the walls has been the bane of my life since we moved in. And not to mention as a result we still just have white roller blinds because the wallpaper means I can’t decide on a colour scheme.

Thirty-seven. Bake. Bread. Bake. Pizza bases. Bake. Cakes. Bake. Biscuits. Remember how much I enjoy baking.

Thirty-eight. Find a pair of jeans which I love. And fit. Comfortably.

Thirty-nine. Talk Mr J into exploring Scotland for my fortieth.

Forty. Create a melting ice-cream birthday cake. For me.Melting ice-cream cone cakeAnd that’s it. I’m not sure it’s completely achievable.

I’ve no doubt a lot of bullet journal layouts will help me monitor progress.

But I kind of feel I’m missing all the things that life will throw at us.

Maybe I need to build in a lot of pyjama days.

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  • Reply
    August 24, 2017 at 20:42

    Ahh! What a great list. I am planning on making a list for my birthday. I’ll be 38 in November.
    I saw that ice cream cake on Facebook being made the other day and it looks pretty easy to do. Well in theory. hehehe x

  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    August 25, 2017 at 12:39

    What a wonderful birthday bucket list. Quite a few of those are achievable so I hope to see an update in six months to see how you are getting on

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