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This week I nearly thought it was a good idea to stop blogging. Later this year I am hoping to start something new. A commitment on top of work, on top of my blog, and on top of the pursuit of being the best mum ever. This week I got an email saying I wasn’t being considered for an opportunity because my page views and follower numbers were too low. It really hurt. But it wasn’t news. I started blogging to record memories. I carry on, well, for the love of blogging. But the email made me think about stopping.

Rejection is a really weird thing. Because there was nothing incorrect about the email. It’s just usually I avoid opportunities where someone’s looking for x of this or x of that. I am fortunate that a lot of opportunities which suit my blog come via email, because my blog fits. This one was just a ‘drop this person an email’ sort, and I just felt a bit unhappy as a result.

But when I came to reflect on whether September should realistically see me stop blogging, that hurt too. I live in my perfect world, that like when you have another child and your heart grows a bit bigger, that taking on a commitment that I have aspired to will simply mean my day grows a bit longer. Aaaaahhhh. Delusional.

The thing about blogging is this. Yes, my family have been afforded some of the most wonderful opportunities. My previous blog saw us working with Butlins as an Ambassador for two consecutive years, with Graco and Quinny on opportunities which helped us with ‘stuff’ for the boys. This new, more me, blog has seen us work with Chessington, and our favourite theatres, and so many opportunities we have loved.

But more so, so much more. I have met the most wonderful people.

And when I think about what I would give up if I gave up blogging, it’s the opportunity to meet inspiring people, and to be fortunate to call some friends.

I know there’s so many more than the few I’ll mention.BloggingBut there’s Sarah. I met Sarah because of the Graco thing. But that was just the start. Since then Sarah has been a rock. Always there when there’s a bad moment. Always there to share. Sarah’s kindness of spirit astounds me. Especially as a new mum of three- she did the whole pregnancy thing THREE times! And she still was better at keeping in touch with me than I am with friends.BloggingThen there’s Sara-Jayne. Sara-Jayne and I met as randoms, only missing the red carnation. Sara-Jayne has effortless style. And she’s generous with it. She has instinctive style. I can aspire but it will never be anything other than learned. Sara-Jayne has patience beyond mine, perhaps that’s the ex-teacher thing, but it feels like nothing is rushed, everything is as is, and everything is wonderful. One day I tell you, that will be me. But just to be in her company, well I’m sure the fairy dust will eventually rub off.BloggingAnd there’s Sian. Sian is wiser than her years but so much cooler than half her years. I met Sian at Cybher. And Sian has such generosity that she overlooks my neediness and lets me be nearly as cool as her. Sian amazes me with her past, the strength which is so intrinsic to her. And I hope she might ask of me as easily as I ask of her. 

I know a good friend as someone who doesn’t judge my driving. I once reversed into a parking space to which one of my passengers asked if I had recently passed my driving test. Yes. About. Twenty. Years. Ago. Oddly I had know the person since I was 16. Subtle.
Conversely, Alina coped with me driving to Hereford and back. And didn’t react when I missed the turn she advised me to take. I love Alina because even after that incident she recently suggested car-sharing.Blogging Photography with Sara-Jayne JonesI’m not really sure how I met Alina, other than me being her stalker. I think it’s between Blog Camp and our mutual love of the Sherman. Alina has the belief and inspiration to make you know she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. And if you want to see what belief can achieve just check out what she’s doing to her home.

And this is what blogging does.

When you’re like me and have a job which doesn’t have an office. When you don’t get to see people regularly and converse about life and the universe. Blogging just works. You get to meet the most wonderful people.
And hope that one day you might get to call one of them a friend.

Disclosure: I’ve only just realised this, but all four of these amazing women have had to put up with sharing a room with me. That must really make them the best women the world has on offer.

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    July 7, 2016 at 07:16

    This is a lovely post and you nearly made me cry. You also made me laugh out loud. I don’t think I have ever been described as cool before! Your blog is full of wonderful memories of your family growing up and that is priceless.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    July 18, 2016 at 09:22

    Aww, you made me smile and cry with this one. Firstly, rejection is a hard pill to swallow but try to take it on the chin and think that it is their loss rather than yours. Secondly, thank you so much for mentioning our friendship. You are one of the first ‘bloggers’ I met and something just clicked, you are such a kind and caring person who takes too much to heart. Chin up beautiful xxx
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Notice of redundancyMy Profile

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