Five for a Friday

My five for a Friday

Ok, so it’s not Friday. But it’s been one of those weeks. So I’ve decided I’m going to publish on a Saturday. Because right now, I need to appreciate the good things, so I’m willing to overlook my own tardiness.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea at Bay 5 Barry Island

It was mum’s birthday whilst we were away so we arranged to go for Afternoon Tea last Sunday. I struggle with what to get my mum for her birthday, I feel like I have a list of gifts I rotate. As she always complains she doesn’t get to spend enough time with me, I thought this was a better gift (because who doesn’t love lots of cake… and my company?!).

The original idea was the it would be my mum, Seren and me. But on sharing photos of an afternoon tea my mum and I went on last month (she does see me lots- honest!), Seb decided this was something he shouldn’t be excluded from. At the last minute my parenting guilt broke.

It was fantastic. I love Bay 5 at Barry Island, it was where we went for breakfast on my 40th. Fortunately they managed to not only cater for the last minute addition, but also agree to his request to try a coffee.

Seb's coffee at Bay 5

We’re all mad here

Preparations are underway for Seren’s 10th birthday. I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic, realising it’s next Saturday. Apart from sorting the invitations, well, that’s as good as it gets.

We're all mad here

I spent the morning getting things sorted. A bit like the boys’ birthday, I have opted for quite a bit of ease. Afternoon tea has been bought in, as has the cake. Fortunately Hobbycraft will be stepping into save the day on decor, and a local business has kindly agreed to deliver balloons.

So the Alice in Wonderland theme will stretch further than the invitations.

But in terms of rabbit holes. Oh my…. I’ve organised the party to begin at 3pm next Saturday. After a morning’s organising, I sat down this afternoon to watch the match. How stupid am I?

The Taming of the Shrew at the Sherman Theatre

I was fortunate to be invited to The Taming of the Shrew this week. The absolute joy of reading and getting to the theatre is how long good things stay with you. I wrote my review, and whilst it covers to an extent how effective and relevant it is, it has stayed with me long beyond the production itself.

The Taming of the Shrew at Sherman Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet

Last year I read The Power, which had the same effect. It is ridiculously powerful. For me, the repulsion of what can happen when there is an unnatural balance of gender based power.

The Taming of the Shrew considered this with far more beauty and humour, which not only makes it more absorbing, but in doing so makes it more impactful.

So, if you are able to see it in Cardiff this week, or Glasgow when it travels up to the Tron. Do.

International Women’s Day 2019

I have loved all the positivity around International Women’s Day this year. What’s not to love about the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic women we’re fortunate to be surrounded by?

I love that my daughter is growing up surrounded by role models in every area of life she may ever want to pursue. That we now get to challenge positively where there is limitation.

I love that she’s not afraid to tell it like it is… well, to an extent.

International Women's Day


I think this should probably feature every Friday. But it’s been another tough week at work. Some of my team are now under individual consultation, whilst the rest of my team and me are under collective consultation. So it’s tough. I forgot how exhausting it is to be involved in the meetings and this process. When I’ve had a day of meetings I now find the ability to construct sentences on the journey home is beyond me.

I am always grateful for those who put up with me. Who sit and listen to me waffle until I am spent, so we can move onto more interesting things. Those who send messages just reminding me that it’s ok. Who will let me make sure they’re ok, so it becomes a competition of neither person knowing who might have it worse, because there’s always a way forward.

I wonder whether I’m fortunate that I am surrounded by so much kindness, or that this world is finally becoming a more tolerant, positive place. I feel I’ve not done enough to deserve the former, but some elements of the world still leave me defeated with believing in the latter.

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