Festivals, Plans and Playdates #Little Loves

Festivals, Plans and Playdates

This week has been so odd. It’s half term, and whilst we got away at the start, the remainder has been the usual working week.

Going away for the weekend means I haven’t done much blogging, and then with a university deadline and the resultant exhaustion everything’s been a bit odd.

But it has been a week of resolution and of realisation. I am so excited by the line this week has drawn, although it seems wrong on so many levels to be saying that. I’m just looking forward to a few weeks of creativity before reality hits again.


So yes, of course, this week has been focused on the impending deadline. I’ve submitted my assignments for my final module of this academic year and finished my first year at uni.Women's representation in politicsSchool is out till September! There is a short-lived relief. I have a plan in my mind of all I need to achieve before September.

But this module has raised so many questions. It was on democracy, politics and institutions. So interesting given the current context. But also because I chose to write an essay on the substantive representation of women. It’s nothing to do with my proposed research topic but has been so interesting. It’s renewed my inclination, experienced during the module, to focus in on this for my research. It would of course turn everything on its head. 

I have some thinking to do.


I was fortunate this week to be invited to the Geronimo Festival in Cheshire. It was our first family festival experience and despite initial reservations it turned out to be an absolute ball. The children were fortunate to have so many new experiences and it really was possible to watch their confidence grow over the three days. Geronimo FestivalWe thought we’d love incorporating camping with a festival experience, and I’m so glad we all did.


Whilst CM and I caught the train back to South Wales from Geronimo, Mr J and the boys travelled to Todmorden to spend some time in their hometown. It’s been a complete role reversal as usually CM is a daddy’s girl and B & E mummy’s boys. I have loved hearing the boys’ excitement each day with all the adventures which have been at their fingertips. And I swear, in all the years’ I lived there I had never seen the skies so blue.Festivals, Plans and Playdates


Having CM with me with my impending university deadline was the cause of a little stress. So much so I found myself agreeing to her having friends around. Which of course lead me to spend a morning cleaning the house when I thought I would be writing. But, I did feel like I scored a blinder. Oh yes, chicken pasta bake. It’s been so many years since I remember making this. Inspiration hit as I remembered (pre-parenthood) a friend knocking it up in super-fast time. This week it had the added bonus as I made more than enough and managed to make it last so preparing meals wasn’t an issue for a few days. Although I suspect it might be a while before pasta bake tempts me again.


Shoes! Oh yes, I’ve finally had to resign my DM’s to the shoe rack. I have no idea what I’m going to do. I’ve a few pairs of flats I can wear to work but I don’t love them. I don’t think I’ll get away with Birkenstocks or Converse (yet). So please help, I need inspiration. And yes, anything goes, I wear black to work, so anything to add some colour (and even style) would be welcomed.

And lastly, 

Yes, if I haven’t mentioned it (!), fingers crossed, subject to passing this module, I have my first year back at uni under my belt. Don’t mention it’s only 20%. It is done.

So yes, let the planning commence. I’m hoping next week will see the start of the overhaul of the boys’ bedroom. And I am so excited.Boys bedroom

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    June 5, 2017 at 11:20

    I honestly don’t know how you manage to fit everything into a week. So pleased to hear that Geronimo was a huge hit, I bety the children had an amazing time. Shoes wise, may I suggest the Hotter Shake, they come in some funky colours but are so very comfortable –

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