February, Blogging and Tea #LittleLoves

February, Blogging and Tea

Before this year, I have never had any thoughts regarding the month of January. But this year, I seemed to join the masses who couldn’t wait for a new month to begin. And it’s difficult to say why- it’s been a crazy month, and whilst that’s usually welcomed- alongside completely unpredictable weather and a cold which wouldn’t shift, I’m welcoming February with open arms.


I’m still reading Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time although I’m not making the progress I had hoped. I’ve realised how much time I while away on various social media feeds and I think that my resolution for February will be to leave the phone to one side more often.

WatchedDublin Carol

This week I achieved my hope of escaping to the theatre and interrupted my journey home to see a preview of Dublin Carol at the Sherman Theatre. I’ll be writing about it next week and I’m looking forward to seeing any changes as a result of the previews. I am intrigued by the process of creating- appreciating the detailed perspective needed to bring something to the stage.


Tea. I’m building up my collection of teas which I enjoy. I’ve significantly cut down on my alcohol consumption over January – I probably should have mentioned in ‘Read’ that I am really enjoying Northern Mum‘s posts about her journey in cutting out alcohol. The odd thing for me is that cutting down on alcohol has completely changed my overall drinking habits. I’m enjoying finding new things to drink in the day and of an evening.Drinking tea


I mentioned last week that I was finally getting around to sorting my hair out. Now, I like to think that I am improving. I’ve been known to go a year before sorting out a haircut so six months is an improvement. But like most things, when you’re living with them everyday you don’t appreciate how a refresh really does make the world a better place. 

So this time, whilst I haven’t captured the state it was in before the cut, I will remember how much better my hair looks when it has a cut- no dead ends.

I’m not sure on the colour. I’ve gone lighter, and it’s such a dilemma. I am always so tempted to go back to red, but it’s higher maintenance. The added benefit of going lighter is all the rogue grey hairs stand a better chance of blending in!

Oh- and I have a new hoodie from the Selfish Mother sale which I am absolutely loving for weekends and working from home.New hair


Nothing new, I’ve been sticking with my own playlist and top songs of 2017 playlist on Spotify. I’ll be more ambitious next week as I’m going to have to buckle down on my assignment.

And lastly,

I wrote a blog post this week about getting my son’s ADHD diagnosis. It hasn’t been the best week in that regard, but just when you think it’s tough- people step in. I have been completely overwhelmed by the comments left, messages received, assurance and kindness. 

I appreciate the support I have on a day-to-day basis but when the online world steps in and gives you an added cwtch, it really has made the week a much lighter one. And I’m grateful for this world. So, it’s more a massive love than a little one. It couldn’t be a Little Loves post without it being appreciated.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some fantastic new loves this week.


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    February 4, 2018 at 19:19

    Escaping to the theatre is great isn’t it? I managed to watch a play this week! Loving the Selfish Mother hoody, and I think your hair looks great! Enjoy your week xx

  • Reply
    February 7, 2018 at 11:56

    I’ve just started How to Stop Time after reading such good reviews of it. Like you I’m learning to step away from social media more and pick up a book instead.
    Hope you’re having a good week so far! x

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