Eleanor Oliphant, Black & Beech and reviews #LittleLoves

Eleanor Oliphant, Black & Beech and reviews

Life at the moment is full of swings and roundabouts. The ying and yang, the ups and downs, and yes, not knowing if I’m coming or going. Life is at full pace. But when I sat down on Friday afternoon to catch up with a friend, the honest response was “I’ve got nothing to complain about.” And for that I’m grateful. This week’s Little Loves are summed up with Eleanor Oliphant, Black & Beech and reviews. So here goes.


In spite of last week’s snow, I managed to get my university assignment submitted on time. Thankfully.

The snow did cause much joy and laughter. I was working in London where life seemed to function, more or less, as usual. And yet, even before the snow had arrived in Wales I received a notification that the school would be closed for two days. This was obviously the right decision. Even driving today there is still the remainder of the snow drifts which left us a one-road village. And luck was on my side, as I managed to get a rare train out of London, and a much-sought after local train to get home to submit within the deadline.

As I have, what I deem, a two-week holiday from university I have been desperate to read anything. For this reason I put How to Stop Time to one side and packed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in my luggage this week. And I am so grateful. It was impossible to put down. I feel so much better knowing that I’ve finally read a book.Eleanor Oliphant


For what ever reason, for this week I’ve been happy in my own thoughts. So I’ve been travelling without headphones. Walking and simply enjoying the sound of my own thoughts.

I managed to listen to so many incredible voices on International Womens Day, including Caitlin Moran’s:


I’ve been enjoying catching up with ‘old’ films. So, this week can’t go without mentioning Good Will Hunting. There are so many films from my youth which I watch and wonder why I rated them so highly. But this is another film which confirms what a true talent Robin Williams brought to the world.

As I watch I appreciate that on a week which celebrates women, this is a video of two actors. But. I want my boys and my girl to appreciate regardless. For me, this film celebrated everything about relationships- regardless of gender- which means they come before everything. That life will be unexpected, and every time it’s ok to put the emotion first.  


I have so many half-finished projects at the moment- home improvements, a new bullet journal and recipes to perfect. For something completed, it would need to be CM’s impending 9th birthday. I’ve moved from prototype to reality. And I am thankful that the world moved on from wax seals.Crafting invitations Finished birthday invitations


In my plight not to invest in too many clothes until I’m happy with my body, I’ve moved from investing in luggage to jewellery. 

It seems only right this week to invest in a piece from Black & Beech:Necklaces

and lastly

It’s a really reflective time at the moment, between performance reviews at work and parents’ evening at home. I’ve realised at work I don’t really have a plan. When I say I realised, it was just after my boss said “what do you want to have achieved in two years’ time?”. I didn’t and don’t really have a clue. I enjoy my job, and think that’s enough.

Talking to CM’s teacher I realised how important it is to understand your strengths and what you enjoy in when trying to answer such questions. CM thrives in subjects and skills I didn’t, which blows my mind. For both of us, the only answer which comes is ‘as long as we’re happy’. But at the moment I’m thinking I might need a bit more detail.

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    March 16, 2018 at 08:23

    I too am a huge Robin Williams fan, his films are absolute classics! Those invitations are AMAZING! xx

  • Reply
    October 9, 2018 at 14:47

    Just spotted this, thanks for sharing our necklace. Hope you love it. Stacey

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