Decisions, Boost Buddies and The Fratellis #LittleLoves

Decisions, Boost Buddies and The Fratellis

Whilst this week hasn’t gone as expected, it finished with a resolution on the holiday which never was. Mr J has taken the boys away for the weekend to make amends, CM and I have a girly time planned. I’ve been away with work all week, which always means I haven’t felt like I’ve been living. So, here are my #LittleLoves – Decisions, Boost Buddies and The Fratellis – to keep things in context.


Decisions, Boost Buddies and The FratellisI finished Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. It was definitely worth returning. It was a great story with such thought-provoking undercurrents. It’s a different type of family drama than I usually associate with Jodi Picoult with themes which are more relatable. 

I’ve picked up Liane Moriarty’s Truly Madly Guilty again. I’m hoping I’ll get past the first few pages and it will become a page turner. 


I finished up my annual leave by taking the children to see Isle of Dogs. I admit I saw the title and thought it was perfect for my pet-loving family. We quickly discovered it’s not Disney or Pixar. Fortunately it was probably the best behaved the three of them have been with me in the cinema.

It’s not an easy film but it contains great humour and a story which had us completely hooked.


I’ve been trying out The Fratellis In Your Own Sweet Time. I think I wanted to love it too much so took a bit of time out with The Vaccines when it wasn’t an instant grab. I’m back with it again and enjoying it.


This week I started an 8-week Boost Buddies programme with XLS Nutrition. I was fortunate to be invited to an evening with other bloggers who are getting involved. Whilst the evening involved measurements, photos and video which wasn’t entirely comfortable it also included lots of supportive people who left such a good feeling.

I decided to start immediately. So as well as making my two shakes every day I also decided to start walking to work. This week it was 2 miles from Euston to Barbican, so I think I’ve got myself off to a good start. Now I just need to maintain the motivation.


I think I’d be pushing my luck with anything new this week. 

And lastly,

I always considered Friday 13th to be a lucky day, although I’ve been left scratching my head with April. I had a surprising phone call from the holiday company to say we would get the refund we were seeking, only a couple of hours after leaving it that I would need to pursue the case independently. 

It was news which made me want to force a decision on something unrelated which has been playing on my mind for the past few months- to stop studying. I am fed up of having to compromise my own time with studying when I’d much prefer to be enjoying family time. 

It’s such a difficult decision, because I don’t want to feel like I’m failing. But on the flip side, I think it might be more a question of being brave.  

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