Christmas books, cake and charms #LittleLoves

Christmas books, cake and charms

What a week it’s been. It seems like no time has passed since I sat typing this post last week waiting for the children to finish school for the Christmas break. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmastime. 

I think this Christmas has been the most relaxed I’ve known. We’ve intentionally not committed to much and it’s paid off. I’ve ended the week feeling rubbish, with a cold brewing, I think my body’s tried it’s best to get through Christmas but it needs a break. A university deadline next week strenuously disagrees with this verdict and that’s before I think about the new year and going back to work.


Can you believe I’ve started and finished a book this week?! I was lucky enough to have the new Lee Child book for Christmas from Mr J, and like all others it’s just been one that I’ve picked up, read, finished and handed over to my dad. So no photographic evidence.

But fortunately my parents’ gifted me a book so the latter part of this week has seen me curled up on the armchair in my office. Yes I should have been sat at my desk completing my uni work. No, I didn’t feel up to it and didn’t want to back down either. So yes, you could find me balancing tea, Christmas cake and a book. Yes, you know it’s bad when I’m not up to drinking coffee.Lee Child and Sam Bourne


Where to start, we’ve been watching lots of films once the children have gone to bed. I stumbled upon Serendipity on Christmas Eve, which in my world makes the world a better place. I also found As Good As It Gets which is Mr J’s all time favourite.

The children have had a day with my parents in which they were over the moon to be treated to the new Star Wars film. In me, I wanted to know they were having a great day when I was at home writing an essay. Although I’m now in agreement with them that they should take me, I really wanted to see it.

I did however get to take all three of them to enjoy Christmas at the Sherman. I love to take them on Christmas Eve’s Eve, and this year was no exception. Although this year we added a new tradition and a special addition to the day. We went into Cardiff a little earlier so they could buy each other a gift with their pocket-money. Popping into The Entertainer, I couldn’t have asked for better customer service at such a ridiculously busy time.

We then went for Afternoon Tea at Toad Hall as part of the Sherman’s Christmas production of Wind In The Willows. Not only did they love the production but they also happily whiled away an hour with Toad’s Housekeeper with craft, games and, of course, afternoon tea.Toad Hall


I couldn’t have enjoyed the sounds of my three more this week. The boys have been happily occupied in their bedroom, as the only destination they can play ‘Nerf Wars’. With their sister they have also been building dens and playing all sorts of games involving so much imagination. And of course, it’s the sound of their contagious laughter which remains my favourite sound.

Whilst I’m trying to learn I try to avoid music which I know, so I’m so pleased that this week Spotify introduced The Ones That Got Away. As always there’s some on there to skip through but overall it has seen my complete the first part of assignment, and for that I am grateful.The Ones That Got Away


We managed to get our Christmas cards onto the wall last Friday. I know, I know. But for me Christmas is truly embraced in the giving and receiving of cards. Christmas cardsWe were fortunate to receive a canvas from Photowall and having the offer so quickly after a photoshoot with Sarah Debnam made our choice easy. I love our lounge a little more with this addition.

We’ve also been preparing the goody bags for the boys’ 7th birthday party. I’m so excited about it as I have a feeling my time creating parties for them is limited.Nerf War Party


Dare I admit that I’ve spent the whole week in leggings and a jumper?

In better news, my charm bracelet has received some new trinkets.

Too many years ago I lost my Pandora charm bracelet and I was devastated. It had so many charms on which meant so much.

I’ve been building up a new bangle- mainly through my mum at birthdays and Christmas. This year, the children joined in, and I am starting to, carefully, love my charms again.

And lastly,

There’s a new year on the horizon. Unsurprisingly we’re going for low-key again. Although the events of the week mean we have a karaoke machine for the children to enjoy. 

I’ve a post coming up about my favourite loves of 2017 and also a post about what 2018 has in store- although I’m not even sure what the latter will say!

Whatever you have planned, I hope 2018 is kind to you. 

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    December 30, 2017 at 21:55

    I’m really envious of your Christmas card collection. I love writing them out and sending them but we’ve hardly had any come through this year – with many opting to donate to charity instead. Which, of course, is wonderful but I do love a handwritten card.

  • Reply
    Sarah Christie
    January 1, 2018 at 15:46

    There is nothing better than getting time to curl up and read, I do love a good book and sometimes you just have to give yourself that time. Glad the children all enjoyed Christmas and yes make the most of the birthday parties they grow so quickly dont they ? x

  • Reply
    January 4, 2018 at 11:33

    Oh one of my favourite things to do is curl up and read a book. I hoped to do that more of Christmas but as we were staying with family I didn’t really get the chance to.
    If you get the chance to watch Star Wars then definitely take it! x

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