Caffeine, Gangstas and Mutha.hood #LittleLoves

Caffeine, Gangstas and Mutha.hood

I know Morgana’s taking a time out from #LittleLoves over the summer break, but having taken my own time out recently I’m feeling the need for any form of routine. So, in the words of The Beautiful South, I’ve decided to Carry On Regardless. 


We’re all (well, me and the boys) excited for a trip to London this month. My ‘Kids Week’ purchases didn’t go exactly to plan but I think in the process we’ve ended up with something better.

We’re heading to London for a few days, with lots of hopes of dinosaurs, toys, and the theatre. The boys also want to see where mummy works when she’s in London, although I’m not sure the people I work with are ready for B and E, or B and E are ready for how boring work actually is.

My Kids Week tickets are for Gangsta Granny. I’m so lucky with the boys that even without a clue they’re super excited. So, we’ve asked CM nicely if we can all enjoy reading one of her books together.Little Loves Read Gangsta Granny


Little Loves Watched Open Air TheatreWhilst it didn’t go as to plan as it might have, the children and I had our annual trip to Cardiff’s Open Air Theatre to see the family production. This year’s Disney Aladdin Junior was as loved as every production before. I love how the theatre inspires the best thoughts from my children, including “Were these people friends before, like we are in our class assemblies?”, and completely inspiring E to get involved in drama classes again.


Whilst I don’t usually enter competitions, I was sat at my desk with a box of Belvita I had bought whilst working away. A quick visit to a website and a few weeks later a Bosch Tassimo was delivered. A discussion over kitchen space and surface clutter resulted in me deciding to home the machine in my office. The downside is I’ve converted Mr J to my coffee and now end up making it for him as well as me.Little Loves Made Coffee


Little Loves Wore Pin Badges

I’m going through a pin badge phase at the moment. After reading Morgana’s post about Mutha.hood, I fell for this badge. It says everything about me and parenting at the moment. It’s far from easy with my three, but when I’m not thinking about parenting it’s a lot more fun for all of us. 


My love for Spotify remains. And this week, having made far too many decisions in real life I’ve been leaving music in Spotify’s hands with the Daily Mix. Well, obviously not completely in their hands, but just the randomness and the unknown has been appreciated.

And lastly

This week has been the week of getting back on top of things. We’ve had friends to stay which has been so good for regrouping. It can be so tough when we have company. Routines and habits are all thrown out the window. Worse still, when it’s friends from home, it’s about a life left behind. Fortunately, as life goes on there’s an equal amount of green grass. And as well as all we’ve left behind, it’s about a life that we’ve created here. A life which we love.

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