Birthdays, books and a little colour #LittleLoves

As suspected it’s been one of those weeks. My laptop has sat on the side and hasn’t been opened since finishing last week’s Little Loves post. I had honestly thought my cold was on its way, but it has stayed with me and completely knocked me for six. Fortunately, it’s coincided with a rare week where I’ve been working from home so I’m completely grateful for that.


The PowerI’ve opened another book without finishing the one I was reading. I know I shouldn’t but I haven’t had the energy to persevere with books which haven’t grabbed me. I do have an increasing pile of books in my office of half-reads- although I’m determined I will complete them.

I’ve started on The Power which I’m really enjoying each evening. Fingers crossed I will make it to the end.


I’ve hardly watched any tv this week. By the time the evening has drawn in I’ve been good for nothing but resting up. I did make it my mission to watch Kiri which started on Channel 4 this week, and it looks like one to get drawn into.


Lots of renditions of Happy Birthday. 

We started the week with Mr J’s birthday and have finished it with B & E turning 7. We went out for Mr J’s birthday on Monday as it was an INSET day and Monday is the only day without after-school activities. It was a pretty good way to start the week.


As my wardrobe really is in need of a good kick up the backside, I thought I’d celebrate one of my Christmas gifts from my husband. Whilst I can’t find clothes to suit, you can never go wrong with fantastic shades for eyelids which was great for complementing my standard black outfit for his birthday.Urban Decay Heat Palette


This week has been all about party preparations. Tomorrow, I might need to stop dry- January (completely unintentional) as the boys have their Nerf War party.

I literally had a nightmare earlier in the week about the party being a complete flop and people leaving early. Every time I do a children’s party I wonder why, and this time I know I’ve over complicated it by trying to create games and fun as well as food. But they’re going to get fed up of parties so soon, and I want them to have the best memories of all of their birthdays.

Pep talk done- tomorrow we’ve got lots of target games, assault courses, Nerf guns and ammunition. What more could a group of seven-year old boys need?


So, it seems it’s time to welcome two weeks of chaos. Next week I’ve got three days in London followed by three days in university. And then it’s Messy Church on Sunday and I have to find time to prepare my craft. The following week I have four days in London. But hopefully, somewhere in there, they’ll be time for laundry as well as the respite of a few blog posts. 

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    January 14, 2018 at 09:15

    Sorry to hear that your cold has lingered, so many bugs going around at the moment. I’m sure that the boys party will be a huge success, as always, you are an amazing party planner

  • Reply
    Jenny Taylor
    January 14, 2018 at 16:16

    Color palette looks fab. I hate a book that doesn’t grab me and keep me but I am too ocd to stop it and start another. Just finished The Power. It was darker than I expected. lol Need a new one for this week though. Cold is fretful here too just won’t leave me alone. Hope you are on the mend. #littleloves

  • Reply
    January 16, 2018 at 13:38

    Let the boring books lie (my job is actually to promote reading and the idea we ‘must’ finish is a real killer! We’re not at school any more – and yes, I struggle too!).
    I think every week is a chaos week for me at the moment!! I thought January was a quiet month..!

  • Reply
    January 17, 2018 at 13:08

    I hope the boys party went well, it sounds fantastic! We’ve got my youngest girls party this weekend. I’ve opted for an easy one though, a few friends at Clip n Climb then dinner out 😉

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