Barry Island, University and The Noisettes #LittleLoves

Barry Island, University and The Noisettes

Another week seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. It feels like we’ve crammed so much in again and I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend. Hopefully some more time at Barry Island now tourist season has passed.

I feel like I’m on top of things, although I sense it’s because I’m not saying ‘yes’ to everything. I’m starting to struggle as my parents are still on holiday, having realised we’ve never left our children with anyone but them. I’m trying to manage my diary so I’m not working away if I can help it, well not as much anyway.

I’ve managed to enjoy the sounds of the waves, to catch up with good friends, and put plans in the diary with others. I don’t know how or why, but it feels as though so many good people are going through such tough times at the moment. I don’t think I’m cutting the mustard in terms of support, it just feels there’s so little that words can convey.

So, with a week which needs them, here are my Little Loves:


As predicted, this week has been focused on getting my next university module completed. I’m enjoying this module as I’m allowed to focus on the thesis I’ll (hopefully) be writing next year. It’s been good to remember why I started on this journey.Research designHot off the press, I found out this week that I have passed my third module. This means I’ve completed year 1, with an average which will allow me to proceed to thesis. I didn’t feel like celebrating the news, I’m still really unhappy with the way the module went, a tale for another day.


I started watching season one of ‘The A Word‘ on BBC iplayer as a distraction. It’s a really good programme dealing with autism. So far it seems a really sensitive approach to the disorder, without over dramatising.The A WordI’ve also spent a lot of time at the beach this week. It’s been good to catch an hour after school, before the sun has set. And with the added bonus of finding a great coffee shop, I get to sit and watch the waves, the children playing, and find a little inner peace.Barry Island, University and The Noisettes


I haven’t really been listening to anything new this week, mainly relying on my ‘happy’ playlist to keep me going at work. I have been really enjoying The Noisettes though a ‘go-to’ for keeping motivation.


The Christmas prep is underway with apple and cinnamon bourbon brewing and teabag trees being assembled. In a bid to get organised and actually send cards in the Scout post this year, we’ve been making Christmas cards.

I’ve adapted an idea I saw on Pinterest, using cinnamon sticks to create tree decorations which will be fixed to cards. I hope they’ll make homes smell Christmassy.Christmas Cards


I’ve rediscovered an old skin care favourite this week. My stitches have been removed so I’ve been trying to minimise how the scar will look. I was introduced to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter as a great way of skin care on holidays, and it’s obviously been a while. But when I was talking to the nurse about cost effective creams we both agreed on this one.Cocoa ButterWith the hope that the scar will look less fierce over the next few weeks, I’ve invested in an above-the-knee dress. Oh, the excitement. I’ve wanted a dress which justifies a massive petticoat for so long.

With a night out with Sarah in the diary along with a trip to Yorkshire for a best friend’s ‘big’ birthday, I felt justified in making a Lindy Bop purchase. And I was excited to get home from London this week to find it had arrived super fast. Which means it’s now hanging on my wardrobe doors because I just like to look at it.

Lindy Bop Bella


It’s odd talking about work here, as this is my escape from work. But as I finished today, I realised how lucky I am to be working with some lovely people.

I seem to spend most Fridays working from home, on calls from 9 till 5. And I have my ‘regulars’, the people who know they’ll always catch me on a Friday. 

Thoughts will always come and go about leaving – I think that’s healthy. At the moment it feels like someone’s resigning every week. Fortunately not those I’m closest to but they are those who will be missed. There are others who I can’t imagine leaving, like me they’re part of the makeup of what we do. 

I shared this video this week, and I agree with so much (especially that I need to start exercising). The one which has stuck with me is about defining yourself by what you love. Not defining yourself in opposition to stuff- “be demonstrative  and generous in your praise of who you admire”, be pro-stuff. I have to do this more.

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    November 11, 2017 at 10:10

    I need to find an escape each day like your trip to the beach. I feel as though I’m on an endless hamster wheel trying to get things done. So happy out our upcoming night out and what a beautiful dress, perfect for the occasion

  • Reply
    November 15, 2017 at 13:51

    Oh I am so envious of your after school trips to the beach. I bet it feels so relaxing and freeing.
    Loving your dress!! I bet you cannot wait to wear it xx

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