Them Girls

We are still  young enough to remember.

Of clubs which would end with taking to the dance floor for ‘Oh, what a night!’,

The journey home would take in City Road for a take away, sending messages to pagers in unsober tones.

To nights where a trip to the pub would offer as much enjoyment.

A snapshot forever ingrained.

And the odd raucous night, as celebrations determined.

The best of nights could always be found where least expected.

It seems we hold moments close,

And yet now,

Any evening is greeted with excitement, 

And so, to evenings in.

As we realise where we are,

Gone are those teens, those twenties,

Now, we join together,

More individual than ever,

Now, brought together by more than our history,

The absolute laughter,

The reassurance,

The celebration,

Sometimes, you just need something more,

Beyond work, parenting, and yes, the mundane,

Sometimes it is amazing to reflect,

Such individuals, as our paths reflect,

Amazed by how much time has passed.

Our lives, the less entertaining side of Jeremy Kyle (or, given our age, surely Jerry Springer?), but we still manage to create those jaw-dropping moments.

I have lived my life, since meeting my husband, with the ‘memo to self’:

‘Life has a habit of working itself out’

And as I look at us, I know it is true.

And as I write ‘us’ I wonder who that refers to,

And I think it refers to all of us, of families.

Life has a habit of working itself out.

Each of us have the happiness to ride the storms.

Each have the families to support us through it all.

And each of us have the happiness to greet each day.

I am fortunate to get to greet these wonderful women and hug them, and call them my friends.


I love being back in Cardiff.
I never imagined that would happen ten years ago.

And yet, we all are,
Now a lovely mix of English and Welsh.

But still us.

And now, as always, so much more.

Life is good.

Back where we belong.

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