80 days, Ever After and a Shopping Spree #LittleLoves

80 days, Ever After and a Shopping Spree

What a week! It’s been a tough one. As always, I’m back to having the highest highs and lowest lows.

This week I’ve loved and struggled with the ripples of parenting. Not parenting itself, but all which comes as part of the package. I’ve had the Ying and Yang.

I’ve loved work, feeling motivated with ideas to take forward. And I’ve had a whole day turned on its head as a result of having to be responsive, because the proactive message just isn’t working.

And I’ve got the millstone of the university deadline, which I can’t bring myself to think about.

So this week’s Little Loves really do mean a little more.


I wanted to carry one reading for myself this week but I really haven’t succeeded. I’ve absorbed myself with reading journals on my day off, and I’ve tried to distract myself with television and craft in the evenings.

One post I read on my way to London this week was by the host of #LittleLoves, Morgana. I couldn’t help but associate with everything about being emotionally drained. I haven’t kept up with documenting mood and sleep in my Bullet Journal but I know I’m currently on an introverted streak. And I can’t even remember when it started, but I find myself embracing my family and being happy, not wanted to creep beyond this boundary. 


I escaped this week with CM and two of her friends to enjoy Around the World in 80 DaysIt was a wonderful production which has given me an anchor for the week.

I’ve also kept up with television this week, as well as Doctor Foster, I was eager to see how Liar developed. And of course, Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffydd are compelling. I have no clue as to how this will pan out.


Absolutely killing me, but this week Mr J decided we need an Amazon Echo in our home. I may be so far behind the times, but I don’t even know where to start.

From researching all the best questions to ask Alexa, to the boys having to think before they speak so Alexa doesn’t grow impatient. My span of frustration and laughter has never been so intense.

E is absolutely obsessed with a previous Britain’s Got Talent contestant, an impressionist who sang Wrecking Ball. As much as I adore E’s obsessive focus on perfecting this, I think if Alexa is asked to play the track one more time….


I’ve been quite committed to completing the Elmo invitations this week after I was finally happy with the prototype. Now the hallway is painted I’ve made a start on a photo wall which I’m really pleased with. I’ve trying to get photos on a regular basis of the children and the five of us, although the latter is a lot more challenging. We’ve also managed to hang a sign we received from good friends shortly after we married. When we married I wrote ‘Ever After’ over everything. I admittedly deliberately removed ‘happily’, experience teaching me that ‘happily’ is- for me- a fairytale. Marriage isn’t a guaranteed happily, and as we’ve discovered it takes so much work and cross words. But this wall is of our happy moments, and fortunately we’ve had many from which to choose.Photo wall


With the hallway and CM’s bedroom painted, CM and I popped out shopping to pick up home bits and pieces. In a complete reversal of intent, it turned into a shopping spree for CM.

CM has an invitation to a party including a sleepover. As a girl who has no sense of the cold, I realised she could probably benefit from some sleepover items. This turned into us each choosing outfits for the party and deciding on which we preferred.

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like with my daughter before. Craft- yes, food – yes, theatre- yes. But clothes? CM has always been happy with what’s in her wardrobe so that’s been the way it is. And we had so much fun. Of course ending in us buying CM’s outfit. (In my defence I had already eyed up the jumper as a Christmas gift).

And as much as everything makes me run away from the outfit we brought home, everything about this outfit is what I would have wanted as an eight year-old.Parties

And lastly,

I’m hoping this weekend is the one to bring me out of my current recluse phase. I’m so glad to be heading up to Manchester. And whilst I don’t think they’ll be enough time to visit old haunts, I’m glad to be in the company of good friends. I am looking forward to catching up with Sarah, Sara-Jayne and AK and not only getting a little blog perspective, but more importantly life balance.

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  • Reply
    September 26, 2017 at 12:52

    Oh love the fun colors of your outfit nothing wrong with a little shopping spree or two. Sounds like you have been busy and hope you had a good weekend just gone. #litteloves

  • Reply
    September 29, 2017 at 10:43

    Firstly, I’m so sorry for the lateness of my comment, it’s been a crazy week!
    So pleased you found the blog post helpful. I find myself going through a season of introversion after a busy summer. I’ve had a lot of feedback from the post and it seems like we’re not alone in needing space to recharge.
    Love the outfit, my girls would choose clothes like that too x

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