Made Up Monday – Primers and Concealers

Made Up MondayI’m following last week’s look at foundations with a look at my Primers and Concealers – much-needed when it comes to putting make up on given early mornings and three children.

I only recently started using primer. Based on the recommendation for my wedding make-up, I’ve been using Mac’s Paint Pot for years as a base for my eye-shadow, and I noticed a real difference in the staying power of my eye-shadow. Thinking the same thing might be true for the rest of my make-up I decided to start wearing a primer.

I initially tried L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets. It’s a mousse and I wasn’t overly impressed, not entirely sure it was making any difference.

I then tried Rimmel’s Stay Matte primer, which I’ve much preferred. I find as long as I give it time for my skin to absorb it does create a real good base for me to add foundation. Made Up Monday - Primers and ConcealersConcealer wise, I am happy to try anything. Anything which means I don’t turn up at work for people to tell me how tired I look. Most of the week I have no routine- this week is case in point, Monday I need to leave the house before 6am, I’ll finish meetings around 10pm. Tuesday I’ll be delivering a workshop at 8am, and get home at 11pm. Wednesday more workshops, but leaving at 8am and home by 5pm. Thursday I’ll work from home, and Friday is my day off. Concealer fills the void of a body clock.

For years I loved YSL’s Touche Éclat but after children it felt like it wasn’t doing its job as well, it was too light. I needed war-paint rather than uplift. I started using the Benefit Boi-ing which was a part of a set I had bought, and I loved it. It really to do the job. But oddly, when I popped in to buy it as a separate I stopped liking it so much- it now seemed like war-paint (I’m so difficult to please), and whilst it hid the circles it accentuated the creases. In sheer desperation I popped into the Superdrug at Edinburgh Airport (it was 8pm after the 5.30 pick up, and I had caught sight of myself in the mirror). I picked up two Rimmel concealers- when I got them home I much preferred the Match Protection, liking how it seemed to lighten and blend, but I’m really not liking the application. At first I was using the Wake Me Up more as an added layer on bad days and for blemishes. Now I’m finding I’m using less of the Match Protection, really because of how quickly I like to apply make up and I can’t be doing with the faffing.

Hopefully, a bit more of a routine, more exercise, a better diet and more sleep will help these concealers do their job. I don’t suppose it will stop me trying to invest in another concealer at Edinburgh Airport tomorrow evening though.Made Up Monday

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