Made Up Monday – Powder and Blush

Like my previous Made Up Monday posts, my basis for a good powder is based on years of habit. My choice of blush is based on the make up recommendations of my wedding, and I’ve only recently decided to start using a bronzer after one of my besties gifted it to me.Made Up Monday

Like previous posts my Christian Dior Loose Powder has been a staple for ever. And I’ll be honest I’m missing it. It’s expensive but I think it last well.

In my bid to think more about my purchases I decided to check out the next price point down, and went with Benefit’s Hello Flawless in Champagne. This was from a consultation in John Lewis in Cardiff, and I was really happy with the match and the quality of the product. The only problem is, is that I feel like I haven’t had it that long, and I have already found the bottom of the product. I’m not sure what it is with compacts which makes the middle ‘go’ first (perhaps the swirling motion of the brush), but this has happened with my powder already and it makes me sad. With loose powder it was just balanced, and for me, really lasted.

So, at the moment I’m with spending more money on a powder if you want one as part of your routine.Powder and BlushBlush. Blush is one of those things I never used to use. I was recommended one as part of my wedding make-up. And it sat in my make-up bag from that day forth.
And then I caught sight of myself in the mirror one day, and I just felt a ghostly pale (big black eyes bring accentuate this!) and so I started gently using my Mac Blush again, and I don’t mind it.

Which got me to thinking about bronzer. I’ve never used bronzer for fear of looking to fake and shiny. But I do like the idea of looking healthy- something with a full-time job and three young children I aspire to. So, I dug out my Guerlain bronzer a friend gave me a while ago (which a child has found and scraped their nail through!). And I love it. I sweep just above my blush and across the tops of my forehead and down my nose (very gently) and I think the world is a good place. And more than that, the two days I’ve felt ridiculously rough and I’ve turned up in the office people have complemented my appearance. And I think it’s because I suddenly look less like a goth (I may also turn up dressed in black with DM boots on my feet) and more, yes, healthy.

So yes, blush and bronzer have the thumbs up.

If you need a powder (I so do), I think I’d stick with a loose powder, unless you just like it for reassurance. Made Up Monday

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