Made Up Monday – Make Up Brushes

I seem to have started acquiring make up brushes at a rate of knots. I’ve survived for years on just a couple but since changing preferred foundation, concealer and powder I’ve also needed three brushes. And it’s a bit of an addiction. I’ve dug out brushes I hadn’t used regularly – especially now I’ve added blush and bronzer to my routine. Then there was the recommendation to use a lip brush. The list goes on.

So, I thought I’d share my collection. It’s definitely the good, the bad and the ugly. If I even hesitate and leave my brushes at leaping distance, Chase (our french bulldog) is there to show off his talents. As the bite marks suggest.DSC_1040

So, starting with the one with bitemarks. I’m using a Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush for my foundation. It was more expensive than I would have liked (circa £25) but it came recommended when I moved from a foundation with a built-in brush to standalone. I think the brush is more of a buffing brush than a foundation brush, but I really do like it. 

I’ve also started cleaning my make up brushes regularly. I’m not sure what it seems more essential now, I keep my foundation brush in its original packaging too. I use a Real Techniques cleaner which does the job.

From Touche Eclat, I’m now experimenting with a number of concealers and eye highlighters. I’ve seen the Real Techniques Setting Brush recommended for blending under the eye, it’s really priced so it was added to my collection. It does the job, and I like it.

I have to admit I love my wooden handled brushes the most, however so does Chase, and I’ve lost a few. The Tuscan Hills brush is used for my powder, this was from TK Maxx, so it must have been a bargain. I also picked up an Eco Tools set from Superdrug, for eye make-up which seems reasonably priced. I love them, apart from due to Chase my favourite has been lost.

As I result of losing the aforementioned Eco Tools Brush I dug out my Ruby & Millie Eye Liner Brush (so old!!) and bought a Real Techniques Shading Brush. I hate to admit they are definitely second choice, and the shading brush isn’t doing what I wanted it to, but I have been using it for blending which I didn’t used to do (so that’s another brush in my collection!).

My Mac brushes, like most of my Mac things, are as a result of our wedding. I have a blush brush (129SH) which I use for blush and bronzer and an eye shadow brush (224). I shouldn’t be surprised that six years on they are malting. The eye shadow brush I think has probably had it, but I’m not willing to admit it. It’s great for general lid coverage. I haven’t really used the blush brush until recently, but even so, it’s knocking on.

I also use eyelash curlers, I have pincer straight eyelashes so I tend to use these as a norm. They just make me feel better. My current set is Revlon, I don’t like them. They seem to have a dip in them which helps remove my eyelashes as I’m trying to give them shape.

Finally, my lip brush. It’s from Revlon and was good value for money. The benefits of a lip brush were sold to me by a Charlotte Tilsbury Adviser, I am convinced. Although I don’t always conform.

And that’s it. My ever-growing number of make up brushes. And the final part of my make up collection.Made Up Monday - Make Up Brushes

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