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Made Up Monday - FoundationI’ve been trying to cut down on how much I spend on make-up. Oddly I don’t buy that much make-up,  but over the years I’ve stuck with what I know. For the last few months I’ve been experimenting more. This is my first Made Up Monday – Foundation is my starting point as I realised this is where most of my expense was.Made Up Monday - FoundationFor more years than I can remember I’ve been using Yves Sant Laurent foundation. The last time I purchased it I think I made a sharp intake of breath, generally foundation lasts me a while, and I think for the first time I registered the price. The price does justify it, I loved the convenience of it as it had a built-in brush, and the coverage worked for my skin. I promised myself then I would explore other options of foundation, which I think may have been a good thing as it looks as though it’s been discontinued.

My first dip outside of my comfort zone was using Benefit Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow foundation. It was less than the price of YSL but at £26.50 it’s me gradually reducing the price. I popped into our local John Lewis for it and was really pleased with the coverage. It felt light on my skin, offering a medium coverage and it does seem to cheer my skin up on dull days. Compared to YSL I just found it a lot lighter and it still stayed on all day.

I decided I was on a roll so my next trial saw me testing out Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. At £7.99 this is definitely lighter on your wallet but the one thing about buying in a drugstore rather than behind the counter is you’re left to work out what shade suits. And this is where I am clueless. I ended up walking out with two shades, there was logic to this – a suddenly blast of summer sun had left my skin with a warmer shade and I knew I shouldn’t match my skin, so I ended up with a lighter and slighter warmer shade. This is working out well as I tend to use a little of each to match the shade of my skin dependent on the weather we’ve experienced.

Whilst I want to love the Rimmel foundation for its price, I don’t think it feels as good as the Benefit foundation. Saying that, I tend to wear the Rimmel foundation on a day-to-day and save my Benefit foundation for days where I definitely want a lighter coverage. 

Rimmel Match Protection promises itself as weightless, and with pore-blurring effect. I’m not so sure on this, I’m not sure how clever a foundation can be both. It’s light, but not as light at Benefit, it does provide all day coverage and it doesn’t dry my skin out. So it’s definitely a keeper.

So, in summary, I think it’s just about finding a foundation which works for you. I don’t think spending lots on a foundation is essential, and I quite like having a couple of foundations to suit my skin, the weather and my mood.Made Up Monday - Foundation

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