Made Up Monday – Eye-shadow

This week’s Made Up Monday is looking at eye colour. Eye-shadow is another I am really boring with. I used to wear lots of different Urban Decay eye liners in different colours. But then I reverted to black and brown eye liner, and my eye shadow colours fell in line.Made Up Monday - Eye-shadowFor my wedding day I used shades of purple I guess. They were MAC’s Jest, Shale, Trax and Sketch shades. I really like the shades but they have a bit of sparkle in them which I really don’t like for daytime make-up so this is still saved for the rare night out.

Fortunately for me, Christmas gifted me Mac’s Amber Times Nine set which I am really liking. There’s a mix of matte, satin and frost which means it’s perfect for day and night, and there’s some shades which I wouldn’t usually wear but I do love on days where I’m feeling like a bit of colour. Made Up Monday - Eye-shadowI also picked up a bare Minerals eye-shadow in wearable brown medium from TKMaxx. I’m guessing the reason it was there was because it was end of range but it’s a loose powder which are still available. I’ve never had a loose eye-shadow before but I absolutely love it, and I’m thinking about going back to loose face powder again as I do think there’s a reason for my preference. I also picked up a Max Factor eye-shadow in Pale Pebble, it’s not great but I just wanted two separate eye-shadows in my favourite colours for travelling. Oh, and yes, loose eye shadow does not travel well.

The other eye-shadow I decided to try, and I’m really not sure why, I think everything I was looking at had sparkle and I just wanted matt, is Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow. It’s a creme rather than powder, and I went with Permanent Taupe, Creme De Rose, Vintage Plum and Metallic Pomegranate. I don’t think they’re great. I find it’s impossible to apply an eyeliner over the top. I have kept Metallic Pomegranate in my bag though. It’s a really nice red colour and for some reason I just find it cheers me up some days when I’m wearing a bit of red anyway.

So, I’m definitely sticking with MAC, and will probably explore a few more bare Minerals colours. And continue in my search of matt shadows.Made Up Monday - Eye-shadow

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