Hi, I’m Debbie,

Thank you for stopping by!

This is my little space, in the big wide world. It’s a place to capture my children growing up- in words and pictures.

This is my place to play, to escape from work.

I am a mum to a 10 year-old daughter, and eight year-old twin boys. And our menagerie – two dogs, Springadors, Tod and Logan;  three cats, Tabbies – Fred & Ginger and a black cat named Jewelly; a Syrian hamster- Venus; two Guinea Pigs- Buddy and Elvis; and seven chickens… we’re still agreeing names on them!

Our family started in the Pennines but moved back to my home – South Wales.

Living on the coast we make the most of the beaches, living near Cardiff we have the best of the city. Working mainly in London, I like to think I have the best of so much.

And here, you’ll read a lot of my loves- family, books and theatre. What more could this girl want?

So, this is my happy.

Maybe not happy ever after, that’s something we have to work at.

This is our story, our life.

An Organised Mess familyAn organised mess.

It’s our normal.

Our adventures.

So, welcome, I hope, like us, you might stay a while. x

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