Hi, I’m Debbie,

Thank you for stopping by!

This is my little space, in the big wide world. It’s a place to capture my children growing up- in words and pictures.

This is my place to play, to escape from work.

I am a mum to a 12 year-old daughter, and ten year-old twin boys. And our menagerie – the dogs: Springadors, Tod and Logan, and Pugzu- Frankie, a black cat named Jewelly; a Guinea Pig- Buddy; and twenty something chickens… who we should name, but my memory isn’t up to it.

Our family started in the Pennines but moved back to my home – South Wales.

Living on the coast we make the most of the beaches, living near Cardiff we have the best of the city. 

And here, you’ll read a lot of my loves- family, books and theatre. What more could this girl want?

So, this is my happy.

Welcome to our story.

An organised mess.

You’re more than welcome to stay a while xAn Organised Mess family

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