• Semisonic, Trauma and Serendipity

    Semisonic, Trauma and Serendipity #LittleLoves

    What a week it’s been. Fortunately I’ve only been in London one day this week, fortunately because we seem to be virus-ridden. CM was sent home from school last Friday, which…

  • Nerf War goody bags

    Make Your Own Nerf War goody bags

    Following on from creating a Nerf Party Invitation which looked the part, I really wanted to offer Nerf  War goody bags which were in-keeping with the boys’ expectations of their party.…

  • Dublin Carol at the Sherman Theatre By Conor McPherson Director Matthew Xia

    Dublin Carol at the Sherman Theatre

    In Conor McPherson’s Dublin Carol there is reminiscence not only of Christmas past but, more reflectively, that of a life passed. The honesty and recollection of an alcoholic life, the ghost…

  • February, Blogging and Tea

    February, Blogging and Tea #LittleLoves

    Before this year, I have never had any thoughts regarding the month of January. But this year, I seemed to join the masses who couldn’t wait for a new month to…

  • The diagnosis - ADHD

    The diagnosis – ADHD

    Even typing the words doesn’t seem to make it real. And yet, since beginning discussions with fantastic school teachers it was always the underlying suspicion. This week E and I attended…

  • Home office makeover

    A home office makeover

    The holy grail of creating the perfect office space started last year. This is hopefully the last home office makeover for some time. I do love this space now, it’s just…

  • Make Your Own Nerf War Party Invites

    Make Your Own Nerf War Party Invites

    Creating a birthday party is one of the highlights of my year. It’s a sad truth, but it’s a complete distraction from work and a complete celebration of a family event.…