• Double Vision Festival of Voice 2018 Photo by Rhys Cozens

    Double Vision by Gagglebabble and WMC

    After falling hook, line and sinker for Lucy Rivers’ for The Sinners Club, one of my must-sees for Cardiff’s Festival of Voice 2018 was the co-production between Gagglebabble and WMC. Gagglebabble, a company…

  • Peonies in the office

    Peonies in the office – closing in on forty

    There is now an odd excitement about the summer. Firmly grasping the milestone of forty l’ve decided to leave the country. Unexpectedly my 39th year has been as calm and peaceful…

  • micro-affirmations can create change
    Working mum

    How micro-affirmations can create change

    Just before Christmas I was having a conversation about whether our industry had improved as far as gender inequality was concerned. The comment was made. Whilst ‘we’ may consider that gender…

  • Body better with XLS-Nutrition

    Body better with XLS-Nutrition

    So, at the end of week 7 of my first weight-loss experience and I can definitely say it’s worth it. I think you’ll have gathered from my early posts that I…

  • Purito Skin Care Products

    Purito Skin Care Review

    There is a reality about the impending milestone of 40 which makes you look at your skin with a little more caution. The bags under my eyes maybe more directly linked…

  • Happy anniversary you

    Happy anniversary you

    Eight years ago, in a heat which seemed rare for May, I was glad of a quick spring shower to calm the temperature. I had chosen our flowers not only because…