• Gabrielle Creevy and Aaron Anthony in Lose Yourself at the Sherman Theatre By Katherine Chandler Director Patricia Logue Designer Carla Goodman Sound Designer Sam Jones Lighting Designer Andy Pike Photo by Mark Douet

    Lose Yourself at the Sherman Theatre

    Katherine Chandler's Lose Yourself is a demonstration of how successful theatre is in initiating a conversation. Lose Yourself challenges, and enables reflection on how we reached a place of passive…

  • South Wales Coast

    Six for a Sunday

    Finally catching up with my six for a Sunday. It's been a while, but hopefully you'll forgive me... the constant state of busy shows no signs of letting go.…

  • Six for Easter Sunday

    Six for Easter Sunday

    It's been a really varied week which has ended with some relaxing family time over Easter. I say relaxing. It's a strong word when I've almost given myself a headache with…

  • Living with ADHD

    Living with ADHD

    I've realised everything about living with ADHD is about making you the parent you never wanted to be, and everything about being the parent you need to be.…

  • A week in Llandysul

    A week in Llandysul

    I've realised for all the photographs I took on our half-term holiday, I didn't share where we went, and what a fantastic break we enjoyed. For all my reservations, a week…

  • A Practically Perfect Umbrella

    A Practically Perfect Umbrella

    Mary Poppins Returns arrives on DVD in time for Easter. I'm grateful for this practically perfect umbrella to help with whatever weather the holidays has in store.…

  • Seven tracks for a Sunday

    Seven tracks for Sunday

    This week it's been easier to follow on from last week's post. So it's seven tracks for Sunday. The music which has been keeping me motivated.…

  • Hotter Shoes Donna

    Shoes for brightening the day

    Whilst black will be my preference, I do love injecting a little colour. Choosing a pair of the Donna, Hotter Shoes drew me to a new colour [AD] #Review…

  • Six books for a Sunday

    Six books for Sunday

    My reading has fallen off the edge of a cliff in recent weeks. So I'm going to take the time to celebrate. And hopefully motivate myself to start keeping a book…

  • Life Right Now_ March

    Life Right Now: March

    If ever a month felt like a roller-coaster ride, March would be it. I think every emotion was experienced, from a family and a work perspective. …