• Timeout with Sky Kids and Team Titans

    Timeout with Sky Kids

    I'm so far from being ready this Christmas. The decorations are only half complete. My Christmas shopping, the less said the better. Fortunately, the @SkyKidsOfficial App means the children have been…

  • Mother of three

    On being a mother to three

    Being a mother of twins is special, being a mother of three born within 21 months isn't easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.…

  • Feeling content

    Feeling content

    The odd thing about knowing 2019 has a cliff edge from which I need to jump, is that I’m feeling content. From a work perspective, I have been in my current…

  • Life Right Now: November

    Life Right Now: November

    I’m doing so well with this… Hmmmm. After feeling inspired by Sara-Jayne in September, I missed October. I like to think this is with good reason, we left the country. Temporarily.…

  • My five for a Friday

    My five for a Friday

    I have been enjoying reading a few bloggers posting about their Friday favourites. And whilst their posts are a mix of everything, I have been enjoying reading so much this month,…

  • Christmas at the Sherman Alice in Wonderland at the Sherman Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet

    Alice in Wonderland at the Sherman Theatre

    Christmas at the Sherman Theatre has become to my family part of what makes Christmas. As my children have grown, they’ve transitioned from the productions for younger children to sitting mesmerised…

  • Review

    Getting comfy with Scruffs

    Tod and Logan are firmly settled into our home and lifestyle now. They became a part of our family in September and we were keen to quickly establish ground rules. Having…

  • The end is in sight
    Working mum

    An end is in sight

    November 15th 2017. We were called to a meeting in London. Given my team work remotely, for efficiency, I thought I’d schedule performance reviews around the meeting. Particularly badly planned as…

  • Replacing university with books

    Replacing university with books

    One of the ways I’m currently justifying giving up university (I don’t think I’ve actually committed the final act of letting the university know yet…) is that I have the opportunity…