• Sunset on the end of a chapter
    Working mum

    The end of a chapter

    At some point, before January is out, I hope I’ll be able to write reflections on 2019, and the decade. At least I have taken the time to reflect on the…

  • My reading pile

    My reading pile – the 2019 edition

    Reading has kept me going. This year I have read the most inspirational books. I have read books which have made me laugh, cry and some which have made me really,…

  • Daughterhood

    Daughterhood – Review

    Daughterhood encapsulates the new realities of our lives. But you hold on to the breathtaking moments, memories of a beached whale, and you hold onto hope. …

  • Crocodile Fever

    Crocodile Fever – Review

    With the strength of the commitment of McEvoy and Dwyer along with fraught themes with surreal humour. The underpinning rebellion makes Crocodile Fever brilliant.…

  • How Not to Drown

    How Not to Drown – Review

    The impact of How Not to Drown doesn't diminish with time. Challenging the perception of those who pursue a better life in the UK. This is one person's extraordinary story.…

  • Until the Flood

    Until the Flood – Review

    Until the Flood is a retelling of the 2014 shooting of black teenager Michael Brown. Created and performed by Dael Orlandersmith, Until the Flood is brought to the stage as a…