• Life in lockdown

    Creating space… again…

    I have not written in forever. A new job in January needed time to adjust. And I hoped my little place on the internet would wait. And then, some weeks in,…

  • Sailing the storm - redundancy notice

    Sailing the storm – redundancy notice

    It's impossible to understand the impact redundancy notice has on your life. Because it's so unique to you. With hindsight, these are the things I learnt.…

  • A January snapshot of the London skyline

    January – Life Right Now

    It's never clear which way life is going to take you. But it always has a habit of working out. January. No matter how long. It worked out.…

  • My reading pile

    My reading pile – the 2019 edition

    Reading has kept me going. This year I have read the most inspirational books. I have read books which have made me laugh, cry and some which have made me really,…

  • Daughterhood

    Daughterhood – Review

    Daughterhood encapsulates the new realities of our lives. But you hold on to the breathtaking moments, memories of a beached whale, and you hold onto hope. …

  • Crocodile Fever

    Crocodile Fever – Review

    With the strength of the commitment of McEvoy and Dwyer along with fraught themes with surreal humour. The underpinning rebellion makes Crocodile Fever brilliant.…