Graduation – Reminiscing with old photos

Carrying on the theme about the journey which has been and the one I’m now on, I thought I’d reminisce about graduation.

Today’s prompt for #Blogtober16 is ‘an old photo of you’, and I wondered what ‘old’ means. Is old me pregnant with CM? Life before children feels a lifetime ago, but eight years isn’t so long?

I’m going to start with this photo, just because. It’s me and him, in Manchester.Graduating with an MBA. CM was there, having waited for me to submit my dissertation before her arrival- she obviously wanted all the attention.MBA GraduationAnd what of the other graduation, the one ten years earlier again. May 1999, graduating with a BA. I managed to raid a photo album and find this one.

Something tells me, like it or not, that this is an old photo.

I remember bits of the day so well. Maybe not like yesterday, I still have the jewellery I decided to splash out on for the occasion. Although I rarely wore it afterwards.

I think one of the best things about studying in your hometown is that your friends are on hand to celebrate.  BA GraduationIt’s odd, nothing upon nothing in my life has felt planned.

If you had told me when I graduated in 1999 what the ten years would have in store.. if you had asked me in 1999 what the next ten years would have in store. Nothing about those ten years was in my plan.
And it’s sort of the same of 2009. There are somethings I would have known- marriage, more children- but so much that were so far from our plans.

And so there’s a little bit of fear created by this sort of reminiscing. How will this next chapter end? What do I not know which could see the same kind of change? Life can be scary if you spend too long thinking about it.

But life has always proven itself to have a plan.

Nothing from 1999 to now may have been in my plan, at twenty I had no clue I would end up back in South Wales, married with three children. But nothing upon nothing would want my life any other way than the way they are now.

Some things may have been for the worse, some things may not have been as bad as they felt at the time.

But the good times, they’ve been worth it.

And I’m lucky, I’ve kept the friendships to see me through, to remind me how far each of us have come, and to stay grateful for all the smiles, and the good times.#Blogtober16

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