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  • Pancake Day with Num Noms

    Pancake Day with Num Noms

    One morning not so long ago, I took CM to a birthday party. For some reason I was expecting to stay so I found myself at a loss to know what…

  • New episode of Project Mc2 and Adrienne Experiments Doll

    New Project Mc2 Series on Netflix

    Project Mc2 has a new episode” is a statement which grabs CM’s attention.  The Netflix Project Mc2 series has released a new episode with its fantastic way of ensuring STEAM is firmly…

  • Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe Pack

    Num Noms Series 3 – Unboxing

    How excited were my three children to get a sneak preview of the all new Num Noms Series 3. Num Noms Series 3 is released today (Boxing Day) and the children…

  • Furby Connect and the boy

    Top of this year’s wish list- Furby Connect

    Furbies and Tamagotchis were toys which seemed completely revolutionary in my youth. Bringing technology to toys, and at the same time putting pressure on the owner to take full responsibility for…

  • Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Lipstick

    S.T.E.A.M. with Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag

    November 8th is S.T.E.A.M. day – celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. CM was excited and intrigued to receive the Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag. I get to live a life…

  • Disney Star Darlings

    Disney Star Darlings – Review and Giveaway

    CM. Offered the opportunity to review Disney Star Darlings. It’s true. Nothing could go wrong. Based on the characters from Disney Star Darlings, CM received three of the five adventurous girls from…

  • Skylanders Imaginators

    Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack

    My children were on cloud nine when they had an early taster of the latest Skylanders offering – Skylanders Imaginators. My children love Skylanders even without the game – the Skylanders…