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  • Chivers Term Footwear

    Back to school with Term Footwear

    I didn’t, and still don’t, want to be that parent who parents by gender. With my first-born I appreciated how ‘boys’ toys are better than girls. I steered toward neutral. I…

  • Hot chocolate themed gifts with Snapfish

    Simple Gifts for teachers with Snapfish

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop encouraging my children to think of others first at Christmas. To consider all those which have given to them. Through kindness. I love that my…

  • 5-a-day packed lunchbox

    Go-to Packed Lunchbox options

    With back to school on the horizon the thing the children seem most excited about is their packed lunchbox. I think I accidentally achieved this focus by buying new lunchboxes in…

  • Craft

    Washi-tape Lollipop thank you cards

    This year, at the very last-minute, I realised we hadn’t made thank you cards for the teachers and LSAs at school. A quick bit of searching for ideas on Pinterest led…

  • Twins

    A twin education

    I wrote last week about the outspoken childminder who ‘opened up’ on her view of my sons’. I’ll be honest, the upset I felt has been replaced with anger tinged with…

  • Twins

    On hating the school playground

    I canโ€™t do all the parent cr*p. I just canโ€™t. I think by nature I am an anxious person- hell, becoming a mum proved that. I’m probably not alone in hating…

  • Craft

    Papier-mรขchรฉ Hot Air Balloon Craft

    CM’s home learning project for this term was transport. I get the feeling I should stop thinking laterally where her schooling is concerned. I thought it would be a good idea…