CM – 12 months of being 6

March 2015- A trip to Llantwit Major beach
Sea Shells at Llantwit MajorApril 2015- A trip to Crantock Beach
Siblings 2015May 2015- A trip to Nash Point
CMJune 2015- A trip to Oxwich Bay
Living ArrowsJuly 2015- Making her Beaver promise
Making a Beaver PromiseAugust 2015- Opening Hamley’s
Opening Hamley's LondonSeptember 2015- Party time
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Siblings – March

We are in countdown to a seventh birthday, which seems traditionally to mean the trips to the beach after school have started, Spring is breaking through.

This month I seem to collected a few photos of these three together, but our trip to Jackson’s Bay was the most needed. B has been off school, and so poorly with it, he sleeps all afternoon and getting out after school just seemed the right thing to do. Especially as my reprieve from overnights in London is over, knowing how much I’ll miss them increases the need to make the most of the moments.

CM is on an absolute high, everything needs a countdown, we have so much to look forward to, but most pressing is her birthday.

E is just awesome, still as inquisitive as ever. I do wonder if he can start a conversation which doesn’t have five questions at the start. Today’s conversation was focused on his concern that in London my hotel room doesn’t have a couch. He hooked me in. It turns out in his head I do exactly the same in London as I do at home- work at my desk, go out with friends, sit on the sofa, go to bed. When responding that I go to an actual office, and I have meetings, his response: “Oh, so you do meetings rather than work?”. 

But of these three.
I wrote yesterday about how much the bond between them seems to be changing so much as the boys personalities develop as strongly as their sister’s. Maybe because these are the months where they seem closest in age. Now there seems to be a bit less of the older sister, and more of three siblings, equally strong-minded, equally loving. The arguments are now impassioned, as E’s sense of justice grows ever stronger. But the fun they have, the laughter, just been fortunate enough to be able to listen to it. It is what makes life wonderful.Siblings - March Siblings - MarchSiblings - March Siblings - March

The Me and Mine Project

Living Arrows 2016 7/52

This week is going to be a bit of an odd one, him and our eldest have gone up to Yorkshire for the week.
I have the boys for a couple of days, and then they’re off on their adventure to my parents.
I am preparing myself for my own company, because typically I’m working at home this week- for the first time in forever.
And, whilst it’s not been longer than I’ve been away from her. Already it seems odd to be in our home without her.
Living Arrows
Living Arrows

Favourite memories – our honeymoon

Putting together our wedding album and trawling through photos obviously led to whiling away time moving onto photographs of our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon in 2010 was our last trip abroad, we went from a couple who holidayed quite a bit in Britain as well as short and long haul flights, to a couple who returned from honeymoon pregnant with twins.

Our honeymoon kept the bar high for holidays, we decided on short-haul as CM had recently turned 1 and we weren’t ready to face long haul (taking hubby on long haul is enough of a trauma). Deciding on Kos was a bit of a no-brainer. I had been there as a 16-year-old and loved the Island, going back I knew it would provide our family with perfect hospitality. And, we were fortunate enough that my parents flew out for the second week to look after our daughter, which meant we got to see lots of the island. We travelled at the end of May, which seemed to offer absolutely perfect weather- the blue skies every holiday relies on.

Our resort was fantastic, with a children’s pool separate to the main pool, this would be CM’s first introduction- and our memories are of her screaming the place down one day, loving it the next, and screaming again the following day. My contrary daughter!Babies holidaying in Kos It would also be the holiday where chocolate ice-cream would be discovered, and devoured.
Babies holidaying in KosAnd it would be a holiday to explore, to island hop and explore the beauty of history and nature.
Holidaying in Kos Holidaying in KosEvery holiday creates the most amazing memories, and we have been so fortunate to have photos which hold the moments so close.

I love that CM has been able to experience ‘foreign lands’ to get a taste of a travel bug so early on in her life.

I hope her brothers don’t have to wait long to board a place to discover their new lands.

And I hope we carry on having photographs like this, dotted around the house, to remind us just how much our family is growing.
An alternative honeymoon in Kos



Creating memories this Valentine’s with Snapfish

When we were married, nearly six years ago, along with bouquets for our mums we used Snapfish to create a photo album of CM’s first year. We probably needn’t have bothered with the flowers.

On arriving home from honeymoon, suspicion had set in and so, the tale goes, a few weeks later we were to find babies in my tummy.

And, despite having the most wonderful memories of our wedding day, and having two fantastic photographers, we never found the time to create a photo album of our day.

And whilst life in digital is great, and on every wedding anniversary I change my social media avatar to any one of my favourite wedding photos, there is nothing which beats a good book.

It goes back to memories of my childhood, rainy days were spent with button tins, my mum’s jewellery box or turning the pages of my parent’s wedding album.

And of course, since becoming a parent, I have appreciated more and more the memories my parents created for me.

This year, and every year on, appreciating the memories is more important than ever. Photos which capture happiness and love, which will be holding points for our children.

And so, for Valentine’s Day I went back to Snapfish, this time to create a photo album for him (and maybe for me), but more for him. To hold our memories close.

Creating a photo album with Snapfish, with more photos than I knew what do with, is really straightforward. With lots of tools to make sure you end up with your perfect album. Snapfish Wedding Photo Album

I started by uploading all of my photos to a separate album (I have previously upload photos but only ordered them as single photos or posters. I then spent rather a long time trying to edit photos, but ended up falling back in love with all of them.
Wedding 3 Once I had edited myself as much as possible, I uploaded to an album to get an initial feel for the album- this is really straight forward given the dropdown menus on hand to guide you through.Snapfish Wedding Photo AlbumWhat I really liked about Snapfish is that they don’t hide the cost at any time. You can select the size of the album, and cover, and all the time to price is indicated on screen.Snapfish Wedding Photo Album
Once you’ve selected your album there is a really helpful button, Snapfish will autofill your album! This is a great feature when you don’t know where to start! You can then play around to your heart’s content- changing layouts, changing pages, reorganise the album as you grab pages and move them to a more chronological state. Once you’re happy with the order you can even change it a bit more by making your favourite photos take up the whole page, and add additional page where needed. And handily, all the time keeping an eye on the pennies.

Snapfish Wedding Photo Album
As soon as you order your gift an email lands in your inbox letting you know when your order is due.
I loved creating this album, and I really hope Mr J appreciates his Valentine’s Day gift.
And I’m feeling like I’ve neglected the idea of creating an album for every year of our children’s lives. Especially since last week my computer died, and with it so many photos.
The joy of technology, whilst I love our online functionality I do love to flick through photo albums and reminisce days gone by.
Snapfish happily brings these two together.

Snapfish albums are available as part of a range of photo gifts available on their website.

Disclosure: We received a voucher for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

Living Arrows 2016 6/52

I wonder about these boys of mine.

When they are doing ‘stuff’ they are such individuals, their preferences are clear, their styles distinct.

But when it comes to comfort, reassurance, their need for the other is loud and clear.

I wonder after reading an article over the weekend about the effect of marriage on twins.

A long way off obviously.

But some days, with all three, it seems they just have a bond of siblings.

But others, that the boys are content to be so much in each others’ space.

I wonder.Twins at 5 years

Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2016 5/52

“The apple of my eye.”
This boy and his apples.
All of our little people are obsessed by eating ‘healthy’.
Not because that’s all they eat, but they have caught wind of my off-setting rule.
For this one, it’s apples.
And it’s not merely a case of nibbling at the edges, or asking for it to be peeled.
When this one gets hold of an apple, the only thing that’s left is the stalk and the pips.
A child's love of apples A child's love of apples
Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2016 1/52

2016, I really want to be in a place where I can put together a collage of 52 Living Arrows photos. In keeping with a need to focus more on quality than quantity, I’d like to post each week but photos which me and him look at and love.

I’ve decided this year not to put pressure on myself to post photos of all three children, or beat myself up that I’ve used a photo of the same child three weeks in a row. I’m going to use the photo or photos which capture the essence of my children.

This week, we’ve seen the new year begin in Todmorden, the town where our children had their first home. We moved from Yorkshire to Wales when the boys were nine months old and CM 2 and a half. We have a lot of memories of CM around Todmorden, as hubby took her on the longest walks each day, wearing numerous buggies to collapse.

And to take her back, to places for which she only has photo memories.

To watch our children conquer ‘mountains’.
To see them exhilarated by all that the Pennines offer.
We won’t leave it as long before our next trip ‘home’.Overlooking Todmorden on way to Gaddings Dam

Living Arrows