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    Re-grounding – of friendship

    I wrote last week about regrouping, about my apparent regular need to take timeout for me. Me in a regrouping sense is five. My children and husband are now the me…

  • Keep Up With The Jones Family Photography Workshop


    It feels odd to have not blogged for some time. There have been posts, but they’re ones to which I’ve committed. I’ve not felt like I’ve had the time to give.…

  • New notebook

    Study Wins, Joseph and Cake #LittleLoves

    This week I’ve really been feeling like I’ve completely lost any semblance of control, in fact it’s pretty much a common feeling of late. I keep thinking life is going to calm…

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    My naughty boy {The Ordinary Moments}

    This time last year we made the decision. It was simple on the surface. The boys are at a two-form entry school. After a year in reception we worked with the…

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    A Muddled Week – Little Loves

    It’s definitely been one of those weeks. Far from easy on too many counts. It’s been two years since the children’s Nana Window’s passed. There’s been melancholy, reflection and hugs. I…