The Ordinary Moments- Matilda

‘Matilda’ was my book. 

Reading was my thing.

Bringing a daughter into the world, I had hopes.

And yet, I was caught off guard.

My memory was that I could read, with no recollection of how that came to be.

I have been so proud of CM’s reading journey, knowing that I am the support to her Reception and Y1 teacher who have built the foundation.

This Christmas CM unwrapped the most amazing present, in my eyes, from her grandma.

A gorgeous cushion and an accompanying book, my copy of ‘Matilda’.

And so we sat down to read.Favourite booksIt wasn’t perfect, CM was frustrated by the fantastic Roald Dahl descriptors which tangled her newly found reading skills.Learning to read Roald DahlBut still, to sit with my daughter, to read Roald Dahl. 

My heart brimmeth over.