My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD Review

Princess Twilight Sparkle is the first volume of the fourth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
With CM off poorly from school for the first time this school year I was so glad of something to pick her up. Not used to being ill and having to sit still to get better, Twilight Sparkle kept CM engaged enough between naps.My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle DVDIn Princess Twilight Sparkle, our favourite character has fully transformed from student to princess, from library to castle, and is learning to lend a helping hoof to friends old and new.

In this DVD, the pony pals are travelling across Equestria encountering all kinds of exciting events including fantastical performances at the Summer Sun Celebration, mysterious royal disappearances, and even more wild adventures. Every colt and filly in Ponyville are getting involved as these episodes debut on DVD.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has set out on an adventure to learn what it means to have a true friendship. She looks to save Equestria from the attacks of a deadly plant, visits an abandoned castle with Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity, and enjoys a whole host of escapades with the gang. Although Princess Twilight Sparkle is a natural-born leader, when a bat infestation threatens Equestria, it is Fluttershy that is called in to save the day.

As always, Twilight Sparkle kept CM mesmerised, and as with all of the DVDs, learning valuable lessons in friendship. Perfect for watching as episodes after school or enjoying with popcorn on movie night, this definitely worked for us snuggled up under a blanket.

Get ready for the mane event as Ponyville basks in the glow of the Summer Sun Celebration when My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle gallops on to DVD and Digital Download on 9th May.

Disclosure: We received a copy of My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

Equestria Girls : Rainbow Rocks & Friendship Games Movie Box Set

The perfect Easter gift for any My Little Pony fan, Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks & Friendship Games Movie Box Set is out on DVD on 21st March.Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games Movie BoxsetThe Canterlot High friends can be found in two feature length animated adventures, as Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer take Canterlot High by storm.

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks sees Canterlot High hosting a musical showcase, and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy performing with their new band, The Rainbooms.

But when The Dazzlings, arrive at CHS and turns the friendly showcase into a Battle of the Bands, tensions mount between friends.

When a reformed Sunset Shimmer realizes that The Dazzlings may be after something far more sinister than being named Best Band at Canterlot High, she calls Princess Twilight. But will the Equestria Girls be able to save the entire school in time?

The second adventure is Equestria Girls: Friendship Games where Canterlot High meets its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy, in a competition that’s a long-standing tradition: The Friendship Games, a series of exciting events that includes archery, motocross, and rollerskating! Sunset Shimmer is tasked with keeping magic out of the games to keep things fair while she and her friends compete against Crystal Prep’s top students led by someone with an equal amount of interest in Equestrian magic: this world’s Twilight Sparkle.

With CM turning seven, this is the perfect addition to her DVD collection, and in true birthday spirit we have a copy of this double dose of Equestria Girls magic as this bumper box-set to giveaway, follow the details in the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.
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Disclosure: We received a copy of the DVD boxset for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

My Little Pony – Games Ponies Play Giveaway

CM’s love of My Little Pony is showing no signs of decreasing, so its fortunate that today, in the run up to the Easter break, the twelfth episode of the third season – My Little Pony: Games Ponies Play is released on DVD.My Little Pony - Games Ponies Play DVD GiveawayTwilight Sparkle and friends are on another exciting trip to the Crystal Empire as they leave their pets behind in Ponyville to welcome the Equestria Games inspector. Ms. Harshwhinny is at the Crystal Empire for a grand tour in preparation of the biggest sporting event in all of Equestria and the ponies are panicking!

When Ms. Harshwhinny goes for a gallop around the paddock with Prince Shining Armor the ponies realise that this is not the inspector but in fact Ms. Peachbottom!

The pressure is on for the ponies to find the real Ms. Harshwhinny. Did the ponies truly miss out on all the Equestria Games preparation?

I’m guessing these are the questions which will get CM hook, line and sinker!

To celebrate the release of My Little Pony: Games Ponies Play on DVD and Digital Download, I’m giving away a copy of the DVD. Just follow the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.
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MLP Equestria Girls Review and Giveaway

You definitely can’t go wrong in CM’s eyes with a bit of My Little Pony. Equestria Girls: Friendship Games is the all new feature-length movie available on DVD and digital download today! (2nd November).

Equestria Girls Friendship Games DVD

As a massive Twilight Sparkle fan, CM loved this latest film where the two rival schools of Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy come together for The Friendship Games. In an odd twist, Twilight Sparkle is actually a pupil at rival high school Crystal Prep with a keen interest in the magical energy emanating from Canterlot High. Unfortunately, Twilight accidentally closes the portal to Equestria and unwittingly starts to steal the Equestria Girls’ magic. The work is cut out for Equestria Girls to stop Twilight from draining the magic as well as restoring the portal.

CM was transfixed, and as it’s ok now that it’s November, for me to talk about Christmas, this is the opportunity to not only to keep any Equestria Girls fan content with a fantastic activity sheet, but also to win the DVD as a perfect gift.

Equestria Girls Colouring Page


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Disclosure: We received a copy of the Equestria Girls: Friendship Games DVD for the purposes of this review and giveaway All views and opinions contained are own.

My Little Pony – A Canterlot Wedding #Review

The latest in the Friendship is Magic series- A Canterlot Wedding is now out on DVD and Digital Download. And of course, for my 6-year-old it couldn’t come soon enough.

My Little Pony A Canterlot Wedding DVD

Our review copy contained temporary tattoos, which were no sooner out of the packet than adorning CM. 
This latest DVD has five episodes from Season 2, which aired in 2012. The episodes are:

Hurricane Fluttershy (Ep 22)
Ponyville Confidential (Ep 23)
Mystery on the Friendship Express (Ep 24)
A Canterlot Wedding – Part 1 (Ep 25)
A Canterlot Wedding – Part 2 (Ep 26)

With a running time of just over 100 minutes, it is perfect for watching after tea, or breaking up the day with an episode.

In the two-part Wedding story, the land of Equestria is over the moon about the news of a royal wedding, but Twilight Sparkle is concerned that she was one of the last to know that it is her brother, Shining Armour, that will be marrying Princess Celestia’s niece, Princess Cadance. Twilight Sparkle journeys to the capital of Canterlot with her friends to prepare for the wedding but is worried when she finds that Cadance isn’t behaving like the kind and caring pony that she grew up with and suspects that something is wrong.

As always, CM was more than engrossed with the episodes, and each episode had a great moral for her to unpick. A great DVD to keep little ones entertained!

Disclosure: We received a copy of A Canterlot Wedding DVD for the purposes of this post. All views and opinions contained our own.


My Little Pony: Putting Your Hoof Down #Review

At 6 years old, My Little Pony is the consistent in CM’s life, so arriving home from school to the latest DVD in the Friendship is Magic series was always going to earn me brownie points.
My Little Pony DVDWhilst I’m never quite sure whether CM prefers the traditional My Little Pony or Equestria Girls I’m quite a fan of the themes both promote, especially compared to other programmes aimed at her age group.
My Little Pony Putting Your Hoof Down DVD‘Putting Your Hoof Down’ focuses on Fluttershy and the need to manage confidence, the right time to be assertive, and the fine line with being bossy and mean.
A key message for CM both in her behaviour and accepting seemingly ‘bossy’ friends, I do love when she manages to piece some of the messages together, and sometimes these interpretations are also a source of good humour.
With CM’s favourite, Twilight Sparkle playing a key role, the episodes are, as always, enough fun to balance the messages.

As well as the title episode, the DVD also includes Hearts and Hooves Day, A Friend in Deed, It’s About Time and Dragon Quest. With a running day of 90 minutes it will perfect for the dvd player in the car over the summer holidays, and is a great motivator of an episode a day after school.

My Little Pony: Putting Your Hoof Down is released on DVD and Digital Download on 6th July 2015.

CM received a copy of the DVD for the purposes of this review.

Craft Activities for a My Little Pony Party

For CM’s 6th birthday she decided she wanted a My Little Pony Craft party. Whilst the decoration and food was reasonably straightforward, coming up with craft activities which would be inclusive and provide lots of fun required a little bit more thought.

Of course then I had too many ideas, but given it was a two-hour party we decided on three activities: creating a memory box, creating a no-sew tutu and a piñata. This along with food ended up being a great mix. We collected bits and pieces in the lead up to the party and did a little prep work in advance. 

Balloon Time

The Memory Box

My Little Pony Craft Party

I bought these boxes in the Hobbycraft sale, and my lack of spacial awareness meant they turned out to be larger than I had anticipated. This then turned into a wonderful stroke of luck as rather than being the anticipated trinket box we renamed them a memory box, which on the day also doubled as a goody bag.

For decorating, I collected stickers, sequins, pom-poms, stick-on gems along with paints and felt tip pens. These came mainly from the Hobbycraft sale as well as The Works, which offers great value on craft materials.

My Little Pony Craft Party

It was lovely to see all of CM’s friends get so involved with the activity, and as always to see the variety of creative designs.

My Little Pony Craft PartyMy Little Pony Craft PartyMy Little Pony Craft PartyThe Goodies

For the goody bag I collected bits and pieces over the months, from some stationery from the sale at DotComGiftShop, some My Little Pony goodies from Parties ‘R’ Us and HobbyCraft, and we made some thank-you bags of M&M’s. They definitely created interest and everyone was over the moon to have these bits and pieces added to their boxes, along with cake of course!

My Little Pony Craft PartyMy Little Pony Craft Party

Rainbow Tutus

Adding a tutu to any outfit is cause for a better mood, and this was definitely true at the party, the excitement seemed to step up a level as tutus were created.

Fortunately, thanks to my wonderful mum, we had lots of colours of netting and quite a bit more than we needed. We had ten different colours, and they were cut to 6 inches wide and 1.25m long, I think we started with 50 metres in total and I’ve got a sackful left. In advance mum created elastic waist bands using CM’s measurement as the basis. 

On the day each girl stepped into the elastic and added the netting as desired. As it was a simple technique- folding the netting in half and wrapping over the elastic and pulling the two pieces through the loop (the photos probably show the end result better) the girls on the whole were able to get on with it with a little adult supervision to speed things up. The Hubby came up with a really effective technique of using a few colours at a time, it did create a bigger knot at the top, but looked great. I suspect he developed it for speed rather than aesthetic but it had a double whammy.

My Little Pony Craft Party My Little Pony Craft Party Piñata fun

We finished up with a piñata, I bought one from Parties ‘R’ Us, and the hubby also bought one from Home Bargains for less than half the price. This turned out to be quite fortuitous, the quality of the Parties ‘R’ Us piñata meant that rather than holes and a few bits falling to the floor it refused to break, and when it eventually did was decapitated rather than the fun of collecting the sweets from the floor, hubby quickly transferred everything into the Home Bargains piñata and whilst the party finished a little later than planned, the fun was had by all. 

My Little Pony Craft Party

Creating Rainbow Dash Hair- with Interplay UK

My Little Pony is a consistent part of our 6yo’s life, and so of this blog. Her love of all things Rainbow and Friendship meant I could finally succumb to one of her wishes in transforming her hair to that akin of Rainbow Dash.

Interplay UK Hair Lights

Interplay UK have produced Hair Lights, and whilst they are most recommended for ages 8 and up, with adult supervision and the Easter Holidays dawning I thought we could give them a go, with the buffer of keeping CM happy and a fortnight to handle any unintended consequences!

As it was, it couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Albeit the boys didn’t quite get their dream hair. The photos below show my attempts with short hair, admittedly with more time and attention the look could definitely be improved, but it was the way the colours took to longer hair with which I was more concerned.

Interplay UK Hair Lights

CM’s hair is a labour of love. She HATES anybody messing with her hair, it is fine, naturally curly, and she loves swimming. It is a nightmare every morning. But of course, the independent streak means that more than ANYTHING she wants hair like Rainbow Dash.

And as it was, it was ok. I wet her hair and brushed it through and left it to dry whilst B & E had their colours done.

With longer hair the Hair Lights were a dream, following the comprehensive instructions we got to work and we LOVED the results.

Interplay UK Hair Lights

And I became the best mum EVER (so long as CM never finds out I spent my twenties with actual blue and red streaks through my hair). 

What can I tell you about using hair lights? They definitely work better on longer hair and as streaks. They are a labour of love, the more patient you are the more dynamic the result. If you have a blondie child, the blue and green will remain a lot longer.  You could definitely get away with putting the colours in on a Friday night/ Saturday morning and a shampoo wash on Sunday night/ Monday morning would guarantee school would know no difference. And they are really straightforward, by child 3 I had little patience but wanted to do a good job, and my sanity remained in tact. Definitely worth the investment, great for rainbows, great for one-off streaks to make the day more fun, and an fantastic addition to any fancy dress party, or just a good party.

Disclosure: We received Interplay UK’s Hair Lights for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

Creating a My Little Pony Party

When CM defined her wish for a “My Little Pony Making Party” for her 6th birthday I was left scratching my head. “Making” is something CM and I generally do together, frequently with her brothers or a classmate who has come round for tea.

Creating a “making” party was definitely a mission, fortunately for me CM had also specified that this would be a girls only party, and whilst I had certain reservations against this, it does seem that classmates are having parties now with a few friends rather than the whole class, and I decided that at least this distinction was an easier one to understand.

Venue was the next consideration, and for what CM had in mind it would have to be a hall (given it was definitely not going to be our home). The problems with hiring space is personalising it, fortunately thanks to discovering Balloon Time we were onto a good start, as everybody knows “Balloons a party makes”.

Balloon Time

We used our local community centre as we discovered as well as the large hall we have used in the past there is also a ‘lesser hall’ which suited the requirements of a dozen girls perfectly.

And so we went to work.

The starting point for a good party are the invitations, and fortunately I found a great free printable from Hale Grafx:

My Little Pony Party Invitation

I was lucky enough to catch the Hobbycraft sale, which not only had some great ideas for the party but also reduced My Little Pony party stocks.

My Little Pony Party

And our fantastic balloons, well, thanks to Balloon Time I finally managed to make the decor complete. There’s nothing more encheering than balloons floating, and it gave the hubby some mischief to make whilst I got to make the room perfect. As well as the My Little Pony ones which I picked up in the sale, the Balloon Time kit which I picked up in Tesco comes with 30 balloons, so we really got to set the scene.

My Little Pony Party

The balloons were perfect, hubby quickly got the knack and soon they were complementing the tables, and everyone got to take one home at the end.

Food is always on everyone’s mind at a party, so I had great fun researching ideas on Pinterest.

My Little Pony Party Food

I tried to come up with a sensory mix of savoury and sweet food, complemented with some great printables again from Hale Grafx, the girls enjoyed:

  • Rarity’s Pizza Treat- Star shaped pizza
  • Rainbow Dash bites- Cucumber, carrots, peppers, cherry tomatoes and hummus
  • Rarity’s Heartwiches (although when you leave your husband to prepare dinosaurs creep in)- Sandwiches with jam or cheese
  • Apple Jack Nuggets

My Little Pony Party Food

Along with:

  • Twilight Sparkling Cupcakes – fairy cakes with chocolate topping, edible glitter and a sugared heart
  • Rarity’s Magic Wands – bread sticks, dipped in nutella, covered in sugar strands
  • Apple  Jack’s Rainbow Fruits – strawberry, pineapple, green grape, blueberries, purple grape and a marshmallow
  • Rainbow Dash Jelly Cups – layered jelly in a plastic cup- not for those short of time or with little patience
  • Twilight Sparkle’s Ice Cream Treat-  we served the girls ice-cream in individual tubs and let them go to town on chocolate or strawberry sauce and sprinkles.

My Little Pony Party

My Little Pony Party Food

All in all, I was pleased with how the food table looked, and how well its contents were received. Catering for a smaller number means you can put a little more effort in, and it’s great to know that not as much ends in the black sack (because I always over cater!).

My Little Pony Party Food

In terms of my piece d’resistance, unfortunately this was where the optimism of Pinterest did get the better of me!

We decided on a two-tier hundreds and thousands cake, and I decided to use two of my topsy-turvy cake tins which I had been fortunate to win from Lakeland a few years ago as part of the Great Bloggers Bake Off.

Now I remember, never scrimp on fondant, never under-estimate the cake mix, which means you overdo it on the next tier.

But saying that, always put some glitter My Little Pony’s on the top to draw everyone’s eye away from the cake!

My Little Pony Party Cake

Disclosure: We received a Balloon Time Kit for the purposes of a review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks DVD- Review & Giveaway

Fortunately the weekend didn’t leave My Little Pony behind, and following CM’s themed 6th birthday party we carried on the enjoyment as Monday saw ‘Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks‘ released on DVD and digital download.

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Perfect for CM as this is a feature-length movie, recently acclimatised to the cinema, CM is enjoying longer films and well as longer books, and given this is her all time favourite of subjects I have been assured by her that the Equestria Girls have not disappointed.

With all of CMs favourites- Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy the film has CM’s instant attention, by as always, unpick things and the ‘friendship is magic’ theme rings through- and fortunately for us all, Twilight Sparkle restores harmony, and as CM’s absolute favourite- absolutely makes the film complete.

Whilst I still can’t get my head around what has happened to the My Little Pony of my youth, and more so, where on earth the Equestria Girls came from, I cannot fail to be happy this is what is taking CM’s attention. At 6 she’s at the influential age, where children begin to say things which may be cruel, not only does My Little Pony Equestria Girls feel age appropriate, but also the values come through I am content for CM to hold close.

More happy because we’re off on what will no doubt be a 4 hour drive to Newquay next week, and I’m so pleased we’ll have something in our armoury to keep CM occupied as no doubt ‘I Spy’ will take its toll on us all at some point. And with the added extra of some fab activity sheets, featuring Twilight Sparkle, I think we’ll be more than sorted. 

Rainbow Rocks Printable

And because I’m sure I’m not alone in preparing a few extras in the armoury of keeping little ones entertained, I’m so excited to be able to offer a copy of this “much endorsed by a number 1 fan” DVD as a giveaway, follow the instructions below!

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Disclosure: We received a copy of the ‘Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks’ DVD for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.