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  • Home office makeover

    Starting a home office makeover

    My working life isn’t straightforward. I’m categorised as a ‘travelling employee’, which means I have more than one place at work. It also means I don’t have one place, I don’t…

  • Saw - sunset

    A quiet half-term #LittleLoves

    It’s been an odd half-term. Mr J has taken the children on holiday so it’s been really quiet. I’ve been left to get on with work. To make sure I’m ready for…

  • Valentine Roses from Prestige Flowers

    Roses from Prestige Flowers

    I’m always amazed by how much flowers cheer up my home. We seem to go through phases of buying them. Each time we do, I walk into a room and they’re…

  • Fortune

    What does fortune mean to you?

    There is so much focus on fortune, of winning the lottery.  Usually referring to the one which screens on a Saturday evening. As I sat in the hairdresser’s this week (get…

  • Home, South Wales

    At home with a drone

    We talk, from time to time, but in intense conversations, about what home means, about moving back up North. In saner moments it’s acknowledged, the cons do not outweigh the pros.…

  • Living Arrows

    Living Arrows 2016 8/52

    With a difficult week looming, Mr J decided the best thing for us was to take off to the beach. Southerndown was his choice, and whilst the weather was too bitter…

  • Family

    Introducing Chase – our French Bulldog

    It took us some time to decide which puppy to introduce to our home. I was really pinning for a King Charles Spaniel, literally a mini-Miller, but they seemed few and…

  • Family

    Introducing a new pet to the family

    Back last year I wrote about B really wanting a puppy for Christmas. And we all know about that rule! And along with the ‘not just for Christmas’ rule we have previous experience…