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  • My best friend's wedding

    My best friend’s wedding

    Today is the day of one of my best friend’s wedding. I’d love to say it’s been a long time in the making. But when something’s right, it’s just right. My…

  • Breathe it all in, Love it all out

    Breathe it all in – love it all out

    I don’t know where I heard the phrase ‘Breathe it all in – love it all out’ but I think this year it has become my mantra. It works for positive…

  • Blog

    For the love of blogging

    This week I nearly thought it was a good idea to stop blogging. Later this year I am hoping to start something new. A commitment on top of work, on top…

  • Food

    Afternoon Tea at Park House, Cardiff

    Park House, Cardiff is a wonderful property on Park Place, probably one of my favourite areas of Cardiff, the civic centre and where I went to university. Park House was built in 1874…

  • Blog

    Them Girls

    We are still  young enough to remember. Of clubs which would end with taking to the dance floor for ‘Oh, what a night!’, The journey home would take in City Road for…

  • Blog

    Word of the Week #WotW

    There could only be one word for this week. A word which lead to a combination of decorating and packing last weekend. And to escape this week. To spend a lot…

  • Family

    Your child becomes a girl

    Life is difficult, and it doesn’t help when you have been through it. CM is 6. When friendships mean the earth. When the drop of a pin will make or break…