Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch Menu Review

When the sun is shining and you get to spend time with friends and/ or family, I’d have to say I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with good food and drinks to while away some time. And this week I got to spend some time with my best girls at Jamie’s Italian in Cardiff to enjoy the super lunch menu.Jamie's Italian CardiffWe really couldn’t have planned it better to take advantage of the half term good weather, and we were able to enjoy watching the world go by as we dined on The Hayes in Cardiff. And whilst it couldn’t have been more perfect for four women and a baby, I couldn’t help but think eating inside or out, the atmosphere created really works.Jamie's Italian CardiffWith enough time to while away the afternoon we managed to get through the three courses of the Super Lunch Menu. Available between 12.00-18.00 Monday to Friday, and priced £10.95 for two courses or £12.95 for three, it really does offer value for money, especially in the city centre. 

For starters we went for the Fritto Misto and Pâté Bruschetta. As a huge lover of fish (and mocked in work for my tendency to always go for squid in restaurants), the Fritto Misto was perfect, the garlic and lemon aioli was a great accompaniment and the batter was so light it didn’t overwhelm or over-faze. Jamie's Italian Fritto MistoThe Pâté Bruschetta was picture perfect, with pancetta, vin santo & Parmesan it didn’t last long. Jamie's Italian Pate BruschettaFor mains we went with Spaghetti Primavera and the Superfood Salad. Jamie's Italian Spaghetti PrimaveraThe superfood salad featured roasted beets, fennel, quinoa, black rice, curly kale, sprouting broccoli and  pomegranate and was perfect and similar to the favourite salads I pick up on lunch breaks when working away. It was accompanied with avocado and spicy harissa & creamy cottage cheese, at this point I wished I had read the menu more closely, I don’t do spicy and wished I had the foresight to have requested it without the harissa, as it was one of those things I kept eating because it was delicious… as my senses streamed.Jamie's Italian Super Food SaladIt’s fair to see we’re all dessert girls, and unlike our mains we ended up selecting one of each from the menu: chocolate orange cheesecake (Brownies were off, but it was great to have an alternative option offered); orange blossom polenta cake; strawberries and frozen yoghurt; and chocolate ice-cream with berry compote and smashed honeycomb.
And they were, of course, absolutely lush.Jamie's Italian Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Jamie's Italian Chocolate Ice-cream, Berry Compote, Smashed Honeycomb Jamie's Italian Strawberries & Frozen Yoghurt Jamie's Italian Orange Blossom Polenta CakeThe three courses were delicious, more than filling, they definitely offered value for money. The service was prompt without being overbearing, and as my latest bugbear in restaurants is how long it takes to pay, I was really impressed that from beginning to end there was no waiting around. The relaxed atmosphere of summer days was definitely achieved and enjoyed.

Disclosure: We were invited to try the Super Lunch Menu by Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff. All views and opinions contained are our own.

Overnight Oats – Recipe

A couple of weeks ago we had a team meeting and we *may* have mocked J for her carry bag, with an empty glass jar and empty hot drink container.

And yet, the logic was good. Maintaining a routine, eating well, and so, and she knows it, she may have converted me.

I have found another breakfast option, and this one is so good that it really does negate any snacking which may happen before lunch. To such an extent that the first week if I left it too late to eat it threw my day out as I’d end up having lunch gone 3 and missing dinner and snacking too late into the evening.

Now, there is balance and there is variety, and it’s all a really economic choice as well, depending on your choice of ingredients.

And, it now transpires, following a long communicator call as to why carrying a glass jar with my current number of overnights in London won’t work for me, that a number of shops stock plastic breakfast containers for this purpose alone- we managed to find a great one from Sistema (and yes we were working, honest), so roll on payday, and I’ll be sat on my train journeys feeling a lot better despite my 5am alarm.

Overnight Oats

Clockwise from top left: Cinnamon and peach with low-fat vanilla yoghurt; frozen summer berries with low-fat vanilla yoghurt; forest berries with low-fat vanilla yoghurt; nuts, seeds, maple syrup and no fat greek yoghurt; forest berries, seeds, nuts and no fat greek yoghurt; and summer berries, chia seeds and no fat greek yoghurt.

Overnight Oats
Serves 1
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
6 hr
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
6 hr
  1. 40g oats
  2. 60mls milk
  3. 4 dstspn yoghurt
  4. Handful of topping
  1. Put the oats in pot, level, and pour the milk over evenly.
  2. Layer the yoghurt on top.
  3. Add your chosen topping.
  4. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight, all for at least 6 hours.
For variety, we've found the following are useful in the kitchen
  1. Tubs of summer berries and forest berries in the freezer;
  2. Seeds: Chia, Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower;
  3. Nuts: Almonds, Hazelnuts;
  4. Maple syrup and honey;
  5. Big pots of yoghurt and greek yoghurt.
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