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  • Jamie's Italian Breakfast Half Monty

    Breakfast at Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff

    An invitation to breakfast should never be turned down. I think it’s a rule I never knew existed. It was enforced when we received an invitation for breakfast at Jamie’s Italian…

  • Salted Caramel and Banana Bread

    Salted Caramel and Banana Bread Recipe

    With my final assignment of the year due, procrastination has reached peak levels. This week, I was led to opening the fridge door and wondering what to bake. With a few…

  • Fruit spiralizer recipe

    Recipe: Spiralized fruit salad

    I’ve been fortunate with the boys. Both eat a wide-ranging diet, both enjoying a wide range of fruit and vegetables. Even when they boldly tell me they don’t like something (most…

  • The signature collection Classic at McDonald's

    What’s happened to McDonald’s?

    My children love McDonald’s, it’s their idea of a treat. One which they save up for through good behaviour – you can imagine how difficult that might be for five-year old…

  • Enjoying Popcorn inspired S'mores

    Popcorn inspired S’mores with Butterkist

    When Butterkist offered to send us popcorn to inspire some recipes with our little people in mind we reached straight for their second favourite cinema snack as an accompaniment – marshmallows.…

  • Fresh Blackberry and Almond Muffins

    Blackberry & Almond Bake Recipes

    Whilst my children don’t seem to be able to tell the time or know what day it is, when it comes to blackberry picking they seem to have an inbuilt calendar.…

  • 5-a-day packed lunchbox

    Go-to Packed Lunchbox options

    With back to school on the horizon the thing the children seem most excited about is their packed lunchbox. I think I accidentally achieved this focus by buying new lunchboxes in…

  • Food

    Overnight Oats – Recipe

    A couple of weeks ago we had a team meeting and we *may* have mocked J for her carry bag, with an empty glass jar and empty hot drink container. And…