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  • Climbing Birthday Invitation

    Creating a Climbing Birthday Invitation

    A great deal of thought has gone into CM’s 8th birthday. We seem to have reached the age where you get selective. Class parties no longer seem the thing. And instead…

  • New episode of Project Mc2 and Adrienne Experiments Doll

    New Project Mc2 Series on Netflix

    Project Mc2 has a new episode” is a statement which grabs CM’s attention.  The Netflix Project Mc2 series has released a new episode with its fantastic way of ensuring STEAM is firmly…

  • Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Lipstick

    S.T.E.A.M. with Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag

    November 8th is S.T.E.A.M. day – celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. CM was excited and intrigued to receive the Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag. I get to live a life…

  • Disney Star Darlings

    Disney Star Darlings – Review and Giveaway

    CM. Offered the opportunity to review Disney Star Darlings. It’s true. Nothing could go wrong. Based on the characters from Disney Star Darlings, CM received three of the five adventurous girls from…

  • Interplay myStyle Keepsake Lockets

    Interplay myStyle Keepsake Lockets

    CM is a massive fan of crafts was so excited to receive Interplay’s myStyle Keepsake Lockets to review. Very familiar in design to her Surf Style jewellery which she loved, she was…

  • (C) Kirsten McTernan - The Hunting of the Snark

    Schools out with The Hunting of the Snark

    It’s been the most ridiculous countdown to the summer holidays, the children have been exhausted and tempers have been nearest to frayed. There’s been a little light at the end, with…

  • Craft, Review

    myStyle Surf Style Jewellery

    myStyle Surf Style Jewellery set was a perfect introduction to jewellery making for CM. Whilst it is designed for children aged 8+ the fantastic part of the set is that the…

  • Craft

    Starfish Craft Canvas

    To go with the starfish made from papier mâché, CM decided to create a seascape. I feel the need to declare my fault from the outset, I misunderstood her instruction for…

  • Craft

    Making a Papier-Mache Starfish

    It’s that time of the term- end of school projects- this time the theme is your favourite part of the seaside. I had fantastic ideas of visiting lots of local beaches…