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  • My twin boys are six

    And then, they were six

    I’m sure it’s something to do with them being twins. (It has nothing to do with them being twins). I’m sure it has everything to do with them being boys, and…

  • Parenting, Twins

    Why I’m a bad mother

    I didn’t realise it, it just crept up on me. I have never compared my children but somehow I ended up treating them differently. And as I prepared for a meeting…

  • Family, Twins

    Bye Bye Milk Teeth

    Another milestone is upon us. The first of the milk teeth has fallen. It has the sharp intake of breath. One of my boys, my babies, has lost his first milk…

  • Family, Living Arrows

    Living Arrows 21/52

    This week’s Living Arrows post is one of the random places you decide to pull out your camera. But Saturday was a first for me, I took my children to the…

  • Twins

    A twin education

    I wrote last week about the outspoken childminder who ‘opened up’ on her view of my sons’. I’ll be honest, the upset I felt has been replaced with anger tinged with…

  • Living Arrows

    Siblings – March

    We are in countdown to a seventh birthday, which seems traditionally to mean the trips to the beach after school have started, Spring is breaking through. This month I seem to…

  • Living Arrows

    Living Arrows 11/52

    Last week I decided the give us all the day off, and we jumped in the car, headed over the Severn Bridge to Bristol, and spent some time at The Wild…