The Ordinary Moments- Matilda

‘Matilda’ was my book. 

Reading was my thing.

Bringing a daughter into the world, I had hopes.

And yet, I was caught off guard.

My memory was that I could read, with no recollection of how that came to be.

I have been so proud of CM’s reading journey, knowing that I am the support to her Reception and Y1 teacher who have built the foundation.

This Christmas CM unwrapped the most amazing present, in my eyes, from her grandma.

A gorgeous cushion and an accompanying book, my copy of ‘Matilda’.

And so we sat down to read.Favourite booksIt wasn’t perfect, CM was frustrated by the fantastic Roald Dahl descriptors which tangled her newly found reading skills.Learning to read Roald DahlBut still, to sit with my daughter, to read Roald Dahl. 

My heart brimmeth over.

22 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments- Matilda

  1. Aww that’s lovely. My son was an early reader and I loved sitting with him to read Secret Seven books and Roald Dahl books. My daughter is just learning to read and it’s amazing to see them sounding out a word and the achievement when they realise what the word is!

    • That is so good to know! I have ‘The Twits’ on my shelf which I might have sneaked in a bag from my bedroom at my parents! (It’s not that bad, it’s where the children stopover now). I’m glad you like the blog- it’s been a journey!

  2. Oh this made me feel a little emotional as I cannot wait to read books like this with my girls. They both love reading, especially the eldest one, but they are a little too young for ‘proper’ books yet. I have a list that I just cannot wait to read to them- Roald Dahl being some of them. My absolute favourite childhood book was ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton and I am so excited to read that one to them- I hope it lives up to it’s memory. Matilda is a lovely story and what a precious present. x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…{The Ordinary Moments 15} #1 ‘Family Days’.My Profile

    • Enid Blyton inspired so me so much- including my dreams of becoming a children’s book writer. I have no doubt they will live up to memory- but also transport us straight back there- the joy of children! x

  3. Welcome to your new blog home! I love this post, and like you I so enjoy sharing the books that I enjoyed when I was little with my son. He’s not up to reading them himself yet but I like reading them to him. We’ve just started the Chronicles of Narnia and he’s really enjoying it!
    Jennifer recently posted…The end of the Christmas holidaysMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for stopping by- it took a while for me to build my confidence to take a leap. Wow! I forgot, and now can’t wait to step into the wardrobe with Seren- it’s our local theatre’s 2015 Christmas production, I wonder if we could read them in time! xx

  4. What a wonderful gift to share together. My eldest girl had Esio Trot for Christmas and really enjoyed it. (She thinks I don’t know that she is reading Mallory Towers under her covers at night time!)

    • It is wonderful to share, I love the memories of trying to hide reading books from my parents (I imagine they were as pleased as I would be when I catch CM!).

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