Living Arrows 20/52

Whilst they can make life so challenging, especially in the mornings, when they seem to find something which is wrong- “daddy turned my socks inside out”, “mummy, I don’t like you brushing my hair, why can’t you brush it like daddy”, there is usually at least one onslaught of tears.

Returning from school is not much better, for children who create so much about getting into their uniforms they protest just as much at the idea of getting changed out of them.

But then there are the evenings, when everything is just getting a bit to fraught for no understandable reasoning. And you ask them where they want to go. And all three of them start chanting “Jackson’s Bay”. 

And life is good.Jackson's Bay Siblings at Jackson's Bay Jackson's Bay Jackson's Bay Siblings at Jackson's Bay Siblings at Jackson's Bay

Living Arrows

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