South Wales beaches – Trecco Bay

Our final day of new beaches in South Wales saw us return to, and spend the day at, Trecco Bay in Porthcawl.

The day was overcast so it was just about making the best of our last day with friends rather than hoping for any tan lines.

As it was the children were completely relaxed into the break, enjoying spending time with each other and good friends.Siblings at Trecco BayTrecco Bay is accessed through one of the main holiday parks in Porthcawl. There is a large car park towards the back of the park which doesn’t have any charges.

The bay itself has rocks surrounding it, making rock pooling a great activity for little ones. Children's games at Trecco BayAnd then of course there’s the beach. It’s probably a given that when a holiday park has been built around a beach it’s most likely because it’s a good one. The beach is a large stretch representative of the size of the holiday park. Fortunately for us it was quite quiet, which meant there was lots of space for honing racket skills.B at Trecco BayOnce the fun of beach games had worn off, soon the requests for body boarding arrived with smiles. The weather wasn’t great, but the enthusiasm was. As the tide came in, we packed up the picnic and headed down the beach to the expanse of sea overlooked by a lifeguard.

And three days of consecutive body-boarding was rewarded with all the smiles and all the confidence.

My beach babes.Body boarding at Trecco Bay Body boarding at Trecco Bay Body boarding at Trecco BayCompared to the adventures the rest of the week had contained, this was by far our most relaxed day without trauma. We had become adept at picnics, at keeping energy levels focused, and of making sure the children enjoyed every moment. The children were far more relaxed, finding their place in company rather than their unbounding enthusiasm for our friends. And there were no car problems, no endless walking, and no lost children. Result.

With of course a little video of the beach and our day:

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