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CM is a massive Shopkins fan, I’m not even sure how but since series 1 it’s really the only toy she has on her gift lists without me having to promote things to her. When I was introduced to Shopkins Kinstructions at Blog On I was so excited to see a toy which was not only had the Shopkins but also with a construction element.Shopkins KinstructionsI love the idea of taking something so loved and introducing another learning element- especially as B and E are just getting the Shopkins bug and this will encourage more individual and team play.

For all Shopkins fans there will be so much fun building and constructing iconic Shopkins scenery with Mix and Match buildable Shopkins figures in the best-selling Shopkins Kinstructions toy range.Shopkins KinstructionsThe sets separate into three pieces, the characters can be can be taken apart and rebuilt for hilarious results. You can build a variety of colourful Shopkins locations – shop the latest trends at the boutiques, hang out at the cafes, or visit the beauty salons. Each set contains bricks that are completely compatible with other leading construction brands.

And check out these two sets, there’s an exciting chance to win one at the end of this post!

Shopkins Kinstructions BakeryBuild your own Shopkins Kinstructions Bakery (£19.99rrp) has over 195 pieces. The beautiful bakery comes with an inviting street sign and fantastic display space for the 4 bakery themed Mix and Match Shopkins characters: Cupcake Chic, Lana Banana Bread, Spongecake and Kooky Cookie.

The Shopkins Kinstructions Cupcake Cafe (£19.99rrp) is a lovely place for the four Mix and Match Shopkins characters: Cupcake Chic, Soda Pops, Suzie Sundae and D’Lish Donut, to relax. It features 175 pieces with real opening door, table for three, and comes with a cafe street sign and two-tiered gondola.Shopkins Kinstructions CafePerfect for ages 6 and over, the Shopkins Kinstructions toys are available to buy now. Playsets are available to suit all price points with small sets starting at £4.99rrp to £29.99rrp for the largest 400+ Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Shopville Town Centre piece sets.

And I’m so glad to have the opportunity to giveaway one of the Shopkins Kinstructions sets. With the added surprise that it could either be the Bakery or the Shopkins set! A perfect surprise gift or something to tuck away as a Christmas gift.

For your chance to win a Shopkins Kinstructions set, just complete the Rafflecopter below- Good Luck!

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  1. I make cupcakes all the time but would love to play with Shopkins Cupcake cafe with my grandchildren such fun it’s so bright and cheerful Pretty set

  2. It has to be Lippy Lips for me & my little Shopkins obsessed princess She was so excited to get the Series 6 Lippy Lips charm Shopkin a few days ago! Xx

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  3. Cupcake princess,I had to phone my grand-daughter to ask as I know she loves them but I wouldn’t have had a clue about their names,she was in a couple of days ago with a pumpkin one which she said was very important,I suppose when you’re four these things are important !

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