Life Lately #6

It was as if I’d been waiting for a perfect time. There wasn’t going to be another Life Lately update until a few things had happened, the planets had aligned.

It’s been taking more than a while for the planets to align. It still hasn’t happened.

And so many times I have wanted to write stuff, but have been put off, “you could, but wait for that one more thing first.” – until you just have to stop.

Because in the last month things are back on course.

The last few weeks I have hated my job with a passion. 

And oddly, I have come to appreciate that this in itself is good.Life LatelyEarlier this year I made a list. I made a list of everything I wanted in a job, realistically. And it turned out the job most closely aligned to it was the one I was doing.

What a wally.

After telling everyone I was taking redundancy, after more than three months of conviction that I was leaving, I had to admit to my boss that actually, if it’s ok really, I’d like to apply for my job.

And it was odd, because the job I then had to apply for was the job I had spent the last six months doing, but not the job from which I was being made redundant.

I placated myself that no-one had got the job in the first round of interviews, no-one who wanted it had been offered it, so I wasn’t taking it from anyone. But how odd would it be that after six months of doing a job that it would come to be that I wasn’t considered able to do the role permanently. Thankfully it turned out ok.

And I truly don’t regret staying.

My job offers so much: personally, professionally, financially.

It offers a work-life balance, and allows one of us to be a stay-at-home parent.

It allows me to be the person I want to be, to not compromise on ethics and values.

But I’ve spent so long hoping that I wouldn’t come to regret my decision, not wanting to admit I had made it,

That I was completely floored a fortnight ago when I became despondent about my job.

I can cope with resistance and negativity, within the organisation or outside the organisation. In fact, I sort of thrive on it, for the best conversations about why and how what we do will make a difference.

It turns out I can only handle one at a time.

And so when faced with both I hibernated.

I began to question things, including my decision.

Opening my daily ‘Guardian Jobs’ emails again.

And then it occurred to me.

I love my job.

But really?

What kind of job exists that you didn’t hate it every now and again?

What kind of perfect was I building myself up to?

How do you build up resistance if your job doesn’t challenge you?

And the truth of it is, in the face of challenge,

My work-life balance has been restored.

We’ve managed to get back to Church.

I look at my lounge and love it again, for it is tidy.

I’ve finally managed to box up all the baby clothes to go up to the attic.

And I’ve spent time with my children.

Life is as is, and we’re living it, with little steps, that sometimes, every now and again, has rhythm. 

A trip to the cinema for The Great Race

Last weekend I was ever so grateful to Sarah from Boo, Roo & Tigger Too for the opportunity to take my children to the cinema to see Thomas The Tank’s ‘The Great Race’.
It may have been a little out of age range for my 7 yo, and bordering for my 5 yo’s, but I think we all enjoyed it. Especially as it was for my trip to the cinema with my children.
Depending on who’s watching it I would guess depends on what message is heard. Given the introduction on engines from across the globe, there was definitely a feel that ‘The Great Race’ focuses on diversity – perhaps that everyone’s different, has different skills, has a different heritage, and has different aspirations.Thomas the Tank - The Great RaceAnd I do love to sit through media focused on children to find these messages.
Although I didn’t quite expect to (nearly) scream out loud as I wonder if engines will fall into the sea, or collide.
Fortunately my children still hold their emotion a little less vocally, and were just captivated by the engines and their exploits.Thomas the Tank - The Great RaceMy trip to the cinema did get me thinking other thoughts- obviously when can we go again? (The children saw the Angry Birds Movie advertised and I was quite taken with one about pets).
Despite being gifted the tickets I still managed to spend £8 on a bottle of water, bag of popcorn and bag of Smarties. And I also bought myself a coffee from Costa. 
If I had paid for my tickets I think it would have been around £16.
Fortunately we choose an out-of-town cinema where our parking is free if we use the cinema on the complex.

With a half term dawning, I can’t help but add up what it might cost.
We’re so fortunate that the coastline which surrounds us offers free entertainment.

But the weather’s meant to turn on Tuesday.

And the children have high hopes of entertainment- of soft play, eating out, the cinema.

And even though we’re not going ‘on holiday’, I can’t help but think as the costs add up, maybe we’re not far off. 
Half term set to cost working parents over £400