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    September’s Papery Peep

    What I’m writing You might have seen my #Sunday Stationery post about getting organised with To-Do Lists, I love the difference a to-do list makes, even if some things on it…

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    A Blogtacular Planner #SundayStationery

    For this week’s #SundayStationery with The Reading Residence, I thought I’d get a technical about planners as I would like to about baking (today’s sore point as my baking didn’t go…

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    Planning with #SundayStationery

    If there was ever an idea which got me happy it was Jocelyn at The Reading Residence introducing #SundayStationery. Ok, so after reading a few posts my husband and bank balance may…

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    Reading & Writing #BringBackPaper

    I’ve missed a few months of the wonderful #BringBackPaper linky, and for fear of missing it again, I’ve had to grab a few Instagram photos and other cast-offs. What I’m reading…

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    Bring back paper

    What I’m reading Over Christmas I read the sad news that Kate Gross had passed away on Christmas Day. A successful woman, a parent to twins- the multiple mum commonality meant…