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  • Dr Martens
    Blog, Working mum

    My DMs were made for wearing

    Ever since becoming a blogger, attending Cybher, I had my eyes on a pair of DMs. DMs were something of my youth. I think I started wearing DMs when I was…

  • Breathe it all in, Love it all out

    Breathe it all in – love it all out

    I don’t know where I heard the phrase ‘Breathe it all in – love it all out’ but I think this year it has become my mantra. It works for positive…

  • Dead Poets Society - Favourite Films

    My favourite films

    As I sit up too late watching ‘Pitch Perfect’ – because my husband won’t watch it, the opportunity to join up with the #Blogtober16 prompt on favourite films is too good to overlook.…

  • Fortune

    What does fortune mean to you?

    There is so much focus on fortune, of winning the lottery.  Usually referring to the one which screens on a Saturday evening. As I sat in the hairdresser’s this week (get…

  • Blog

    Word of the Week – 03/09/16

    It’s been so long since I’ve joined in Word of the Week. At the beginning of August I jumped on the Bullet Journal train, setting up something just for blogging as…

  • Blog, Working mum

    Life Lately #6

    It was as if I’d been waiting for a perfect time. There wasn’t going to be another Life Lately update until a few things had happened, the planets had aligned. It’s…

  • Blog

    For the love of blogging

    This week I nearly thought it was a good idea to stop blogging. Later this year I am hoping to start something new. A commitment on top of work, on top…

  • Blog

    Life Lately #5

    I’ve been putting off this post in the hope I’ll have something definitive to write. I haven’t. But in the mean time life hurtles on at a million miles an hour.…

  • Blog

    Life Lately #4

    I’m not doing any better with my blog. I have grand plans, then life gets in the way. I started writing this yesterday morning, on a plane. We’ve been running workshops…